come on people. The recent production of I, Anonymoses have been weak and tepid and not enough detail.

Can we get some quality in these? If you cant rant about something there is something wrong.

Hey there's something to rant about: sour milk!

[TO OUR READERS: The above is a good example of an I, Anonymous we regularly reject. Why? For the exact reasons this dumb-butt is complaining about. It doesn't have any detail, there is exactly zero artistry or quality, and it looks like it was written by a French bulldog stumbling across a keyboard. So, just so you know, we regularly reject submissions that are one or two sentences long unless they are absolutely brilliant—which they never, ever are. We also regularly reject your "sexy" (not sexy at all) submissions that should have been sent to, and rejected by, Penthouse Forum. And we also regularly reject your confessions about your poops. Nobody wants to read about those. If you are still wondering why your submission was rejected, look elsewhere on this blog for the WORST and DUMBEST I, Anonymous you can find. Yours was rejected because yours was WORSE and DUMBER than that one.

To everyone else, please do the best you can, and carry on.—Editor]