Life sometimes isn't quite fair, and Figaro, you will be the first to comfort me when it isn't. You're an apricot fallen from the kittycat tree in heaven. Why do you do it? Because you see no evil in life. Life to you is nothing but a rose bed. I am sorry for thinking you were just another cat that would break my heart like so manty of them before me. You just had some furniture to claw. And then that night when you mewed at me like a little appricot after I had been soaked in the world's poop and you cuddled upon my lap. I wish Cali wasn't eaten by the coyote. You would have liked her and the world would be more kitty. America killed Cali, America and all its noise and clamor! DAMN IT ALL! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!
Sleep. The world needs your beautiful meowface for the days ahead. Sleep my babe