I've brought many new people over to my house and I've heard the same thing from many of them. It's odd and I've guessed I've noticed it throughout the years, but maybe it's this new batch of transplants who have put it into perspective. "Wow, you've decorated nicely," "Your house is so clean!" "You have a garden? That's awesome!" "Your landscaping makes the yard look like a park!" Ok people, know this: I am nothing special. Here's the thing: I have decorated. I wash my dishes and put my dirty clothes in a hamper. Yes, I have a small garden with tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers…etc. And yeah, I FUCKING MOW MY LAWN! Jesus almighty, these people are so impressed with someone who just takes minimal care of his shit. And yes, I've been to their houses and can see why they're so fucking impressed: Overgrown yards, shit all over the lawn, dirty dishes, bike parts everywhere, empty beer bottles on the porch, crap in the living room, fucking dirty dishes and fruit flies in the kitchen… and these are women in their 30's! People today are so fucking filthy and irresponsible…just "there" in life, not taking any pride in their homes. It's sad and depressing. Well, not really, it's not like I let it bother me that much. Now back to relaxing in what is apparently A MANSION.