Thank you, coming home to my car broken into and my medical equipment stolen was exactly what I needed after returning from caring for my terminally ill mother for 2 weeks in the ICU. It reminded me that my life could be so much harder; I could be so destitute that I feel I must steal to stay alive. I bet that newborn baby scale will get you...nothing. I hope you have a daughter to whom you can give my equipment. I hope you raise her to believe she can be a doctor when she grows up, and lift herself up out of the poverty that compels you to steal. Thanks for leaving my stethoscope that I use when I volunteer for 40 hours a month at community clinics seeing patients who can't afford medical care. Maybe you and your daughter can come see me, and get hooked up with resources so you don't have to take things that aren't yours. Bless you and good luck.