PICA's opening night festivities are downright understated this year, compared to last year's white-clad procession, 2007's chirping and flapping in the Square, or 2006's floating art raft/parade situation. I'm not complaining—the Works opening tonight should be fun, and I do appreciate not having to feign enthusiasm about "being a happening."

The doors to Washington High School open at 8 pm tonight, for the unveiling of TBA's On Sight visual art programming (read more about the On Sight offerings here). Then at 10:30 pm, the New York band Gang Gang Dance opens TBA's late-night Works programming with a free, all-ages show. (All Works performances are all-ages—in the auditorium where the performances will be held, there's a designated balcony for the kiddies, and drinks will be allowed everywhere else.)

If I were cooler, I'd have heard of this band before receiving my TBA catalog, but: experimental, hypnotic, vaguely tribal? Adjust your inhibitions accordingly. (On a totally unrelated note, a friendly reminder that some of Portland's finest food carts will be at the Works as well, and yes, I do mean tacos.)