Ten Tiny Dances at the Works


Did you miss the excellent performance by Portland Taiko? Definitely my favorite and worth staying up for. The three others you mentioned were also fantastic, in addition to the bearded gentleman (#5?) with his graceful pop & lock-ish choreography.

What was with the Marilyn Monroe/Andy Warhol(?) duo? Why did they get three slots? Totally unnecessary and annoying, really. Not to mention Taylor Mac's drag burlesque, whoopee, how original and subversi....zzzzz...
I was kinda bummed out by the evening. Given, I didn't stay for the whole thing, but with some lackluster performances at the beginning, and a late start to begin with, I was starting to feel like my time wasn't being respected as an audience member. It made me wonder if perhaps PICA/TBA has outgrown Washington High School. This was the second night I had been to where THE WORKS felt completely over-crowded and that the organizers didn't have resources to meet the demand. For an event like this to be successful it needs to start on time. Not only that but I feel as though they lost money on food/drink that could have been consumed if they had opened the doors earlier.