Review: Michael Reinsch's Gallery Walk


God, what a brave artist! What a brave work! This sounds like a really eye-opening experience, and a novel way of investigating how people see art.
Free Parking Day is Friday. I hope Reinsch finds a nice space downtown.
I ran into this guy outside Washington High a few nights ago, where he was standing dead-center in the middle of the sidewalk and reciting gibberish to a small crowd of patient-looking TBA-ers. I walked past him the same way I'd walk right past anybody else on the street reciting gibberish; just 'cause he's dressed like a little fridge doesn't mean I want to engage with his art project when I'm walking around my neighborhood.
"Being polite in the fashion of the TBAer isn't honest or respectful, it's self-serving and dismissive." Thank you Matt!!!!! It's disappointing how afraid of listening-to/giving a critique so many of my peers are in this city. If we want our culture to improve, we need to not only encourage the arts - but give them our honest opinions as well. If the artist can't handle a critique, they shouldn't be showing their work in public.