Matt - you are a patient man. While I liked the over arching qualities of each of these pieces, I had trouble staying in my seat. This could have been due to the large amount of caffeine I pounded right before coming to WA High, but I also think it had to with the fact that these pieces lacked build. A quality in art and music that I realize isn't nec. essential and that I'm coming to grips with understanding, but one that I could have used last night. I wanted to hear the choirs at full voice. I wanted the Taiko drummers to go buck wild at some point. Basically, I wanted to be excited. I agree that Meza's piece was easily the most enthralling although I think it had a bit too much going on, and again, could have used some kind of finality whether that was to be crescendo or tonal resolution. I understand though that most of this work was in progress. I'd be happy to see something like it again in more polished form.