Dean & Britta: 13 Most Beautiful


Hated this show. The music added nothing at all to the screen tests, they would have been more powerful silent. Also, what was the whole N-word dropping during the Lou Reed test about? Odd choice to say the least.. or maybe I mis-heard.
you misheard. also, you probably werent a big galaxie 500, luna, or Jem and the Holograms fan. but hey, that's fine. all the songs were somewhat VU-inspired (chord progressions, the lou reed song? sounded like ..LOU REED!). the music played before the show was all about VU/Warhol, covers and whatnot. (also, how could you not like the "eyes in my smoke" song??) for TBA a live rock band (guitars and drums, etc) is a rare sight. sure, i've spent my time watching dark and quiet art films but i dont choose to go to those anymore. this was a fantastic way to hear dean and britta and those other 2 dudes and experience the warhol screen tests.