Claudia Meza's Listening to Space: Sonic City PDX


Hey Matt, this is Claudia Meza. Thank you so much for checking both installations out including the live performance! Water and Sonic City PDX were two completely different projects in my head and I had never tied them together in anyway, conceptually, aside from both featuring field recordings. But it's really neat you saw all these parallels and connections. The strangest one that I recently discovered is that my tape piece is called "Water" and the location I chose for the live performance and the first sonic space that spawned the entire Sonic City PDX project is on Water weird is that? I didn't plan that either, or even really think about it until I saw the poster PICA made up and read the address out loud! I can see why it would make people think both pieces are somehow connected though and try to make it fit within some kind of philosophical or conceptual box. They don't! Well, I'm sure maybe they do somewhere in my subconscious but it just hasn't hit me yet...anyhow, thanks again for checking both of them out, it's so cool to read people's responses to the work. I hope the confusion didn't muddy up the experience of hearing 8 completely different sound pieces sonically shift and transform a space that is normally ignored. Cheers!