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HUMP! 2017 Call For Submissions!

Blazers Recap: Fear the Deer

Stop Crying! The Thorns are Back!

Savage Love

Curious Minds

The Fast and the Historically Complex

Speed Sisters Has Cars AND Global Politics!

Things to Do Film: March 24-30

Spend Some Quality Time with Wonder Woman, Mad Max, and Hedwig

When Lava and Wine Mix

Here’s What Happens When Lava and Wine Mix

Hall Monitor: Into the Glue Pot

This Looks Like the Year Portland’s Horse Cops Finally Get the Ax

Open Mike Eagle’s Razor-Wire Wit

The LA-Based Rapper Says He’s Ready to Make “Big Boy Records”

Among the Deplorables

Meeting the State’s Conservatives at the Oregon Freedom Rally

New Column!

Celebrate a New America with this Donald Trump Commemorative Ruble!

This Week's Featured I, Anonymous!

But Seriously, I’m Grateful

Tales from the Road: A Texas Weed Bust

How I Got Out of Trouble at the US Border Checkpoint at Sierra Blanca

T2 Trainspotting Is a Worthwhile Relapse

Danny Boyle’s Flamboyant Sequel Is All About the Characters

Taking the Leap with Tiffin Asha

From a Food Cart Space to a Destination Place

Schadenfreude Espresso

Donald Cried and the Comedy of Humiliation

Marilyn Rondón at 1000 Percent

The Multimedia Artist’s Images Stick With You

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of March 22–28

Teenage Fanclub Has Written the World’s Best Pop Songs

The Scottish Band Returns with 2016’s Here

A Business Owner Was Cleared for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month

But Official Reports Raise Questions

One Day at a Time

Spicey Tries to Escape, the Planet Dies, and We’re Actually Nice to Ben Affleck. (We Know. We’re As Shocked As You Are.)

John Scalzi Ventures Into The Collapsing Empire

Politics! Intrigue! Sex! In Space!

Has Anybody Been Worse for Weed Than Jeff Sessions?

Believe It or Not, This Guy Was

The Wit and Wisdom of Wilson

Woody Harrelson Plays America’s Latest Complainer-in-Chief

Sold Out

Sarah Donofrio Brings the Imagination

Sneaker Wave

Introducing Wynne

The Last Word Will Make You Miss Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron More Than Normal

Because It Isn’t Very Good, And They Could Have Saved It

This Week in Vaginas

That Thing Where You’re a Dick and Don’t Realize It

Things to Do Music: March 22-28

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Letters to the Editor

“It’d Be Nice If Your Paper Ventured Outside the ‘Typical Portland’ Areas”

Gas, Grenades, and Pepper Spray

Portland Police’s Crowd Control Weapons Under Fire from Civil Rights Groups

Love and Nostalgia: Allison Crutchfield’s Solo Debut Processes a Tectonic Shift

Tourist in This Town Plays Like a Dark and Weary Travelogue

Fuck Politeness

My Favorite Murder Reclaims True Crime for Women

The AMF Pro 300 Bowling Alley on Powell Is Going Away

Photos from Last Night's I, Anonymous Show

I Think I've Found the Perfect Boy/Girlfriend for You

All’s Well at Bota Bar

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