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Highlights of the First 100 Days of Jill Stein's Presidency

Things to Do Comedy: May 2017

Funny Things to Do All Month Long

Get Ready! Independent Bookstore Day is Coming!

Timbers v. FC Dallas Match Preview

Parade Rain

Things to Do This Weekend: April 28-30

City Hall's New Bag Checks Cost Nearly $190,000 Per Year

Preoccupied TV

Pouring (Unique) Oregon Wine

Remember: Trump's Tax Plan Would Kill Affordable Housing

Sold Out

Rock & Rose Turns 10!

One Day at a Time

You Realize It’s Only a Matter of Time Until Vin Diesel Punches the Easter Bunny, Right?

The Party Review

Awards Ceremony

Hulu’s All-Too-Relevant Handmaid’s Tale

It Isn’t Terrifying Because It Could Happen. It’s Terrifying Because It Already Did

Spiritrials Reveals the Reach of the War on Drugs

Dahlak Brathwaite Explores Racism in a Time of Mass Incarceration

Whitney Ballen’s New EP Recognizes That Being Here Is Hard

The Seattle Musician’s Latest Is All About Leaving

Get Off David Crosby’s Lawn

The Legendary 75-Year-Old Songwriter Found Twitter (And We Are All in His Crosshairs)

Dialing in Chinese

Danwei Canting is Off to a Decent (If Not Amazing) Start

Huzzah! Renaissance Faire Seasonne Doth Approach!

But Firste, Somme Apologies

It’s Time to Decide the Fate of Our Schools (and Some Other Stuff Too)

Here’s How to Vote on Portland’s Hottest Ballot Measures

Savage Love


Letters to the Editor

A Requiem for the Portland Goats

Talking with Dash Shaw About My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

And Q-Tips.

Reviving the Horror and Humanity of Medea

Imago Brings the Classic Play to Its Famous “Floating” Stage

Starz’s Sumptuous and Slow American Gods

Gaiman, Gods, and Gay Genies

Obamacare Lives to See Another Day, But the GOP Could Still Fuck with Your Health Care

Here’s How It Might Happen—and Why the Improbable Beauty of Republican Incompetence Should Give You Hope

Cram for the Kehlani Tsunami

Essential Songs by the Oakland-Raised R&B Singer

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of April 26–May 2

Resist... with Cannabis

Some Ideas for Cannabis Users to Help the Resistance

Chloe Eudaly Wants to Look Into A City-Owned Bank

Here’s What That Means

Changing the World with The Reluctant Radical

They Tried to Make a Movie. Then They Got Arrested.

The Overlook Film Festival Shines

Horror Movies in the Woods? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

This Week's Featured I, Anonymous!

The Eyes Are On Your Mangy Ass

Dear White People Is Much Better as a Netflix Series

Time to Enroll in Race 101.

Andrea Stolowitz’s Journey Will Jolt You Awake

Charting Genocide, Diaspora, and Family Histories in Berlin Diary

Things to Do Music: April 26-May 2

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Things to Do Film: April 28-May 4

This Week: Chasing Trane, Graduation, and *grimaces* Escape from L.A.
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