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Meet Your 2017 Portland Timbers

Savage Love

Come Now

Breaking the Niche

POW Fest 2017: More Inclusive, More Interesting

Kedi Is Cute, but It’s Also Smart

A New Documentary About Cats Shows a Rarely Seen Side of Istanbul

Letters to the Editor

“Thank You, Trump, for Giving Us the Face of Pure Evil. Now Prepare to Burn in Hell.”

Record Review: Jessica Dennison + Jones, Jessica Dennison + Jones

Biwa Is Dead, Long Live Biwa

Longtime SE Standby Is Now An Upscale Izakaya and Casual Cocktail Bar

A Homeless Man Was Killed on 82nd Last Week

His Family Wonders Why It Was So Hard to Get Him Help

Federal Enforcement and the Congressional Cannabis Caucus

Despite Spicey’s Comments, Legislators Are Organizing for Pot Reform

Portland’s Pretty

The One Moto Show Gets Our Fashion Motors Runnin’

Mykki Blanco Gets Personal on 2016’s Mykki

The Queer Artist’s Studio Debut Draws from Hip-Hop, Punk, and Even String Music

Things to Do Film: March 3-9

This week: Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe, Krzysztof Kiéslowski’s Dekalog, and a Timely Return of Starship Troopers

Legion Might Be Long-Term Relationship Material

Or It Could All Crash and Burn

Sinkane’s Global Dance Party

His New Album Life & Livin’ It Incorporates Afrobeat, Sudanese Pop, Psych-Rock, and ’60s Funk

Same Alibi, Different Drinks

Singing Along with the Alibi Remodel.

Hall Monitor: City Hall’s Uneasy Denizens

Turns Out Plenty of City Staffers Are Freaked Out by Unceasing Protests

New Column!

One Hulk’s Opinion: Hulk Hold “Hulk Town Hall”

A United Kingdom: When Love Actually Wins

Love! Drama! Politics!

Mayhem and Melancholy

Logan Isn’t Just a Great Superhero Movie. It’s a Great Movie.

Things to Do Music: March 1-7

Noteworthy Shows This Week

I, Anonymous

A Note to Oregon Drivers

One Day at a Time

Let’s Ditch This Dump and Go Live in Outer Space!

Undisputed Youth

Rip City Boxing and the Art of Self-Respect

A Former OPB Journalist Just Beat the Trump Administration in Court

Here’s Why the Win Was Important

Green Angels, White Privilege

Delivery Ring of New York Models Indicates Racial Divide in Cannabis Industry

Old Portland New Portland - Us vs. Them

Ask a Feminist: What Would Tim Kaine Do?


Thee Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race

A Climactic Mix-Up Leads to a Well-Deserved Win

I, Anonymous: Postage Stamps

Don't Feed The Troll

Free Speech Shouldn't Be Costly

Things to Do This Week: February 27-March 2


One Gallery Closes, Another Opens Its Doors

Neighborhood Nursery, Not So Neighborly

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