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Blazer's Recap: It's the Playoffs!



Sampha's Debut LP, Process, Will Shred Your Heart

Timbers v. Vancouver Match Preview

Things to Do This Weekend: April 21-23

Pickathon Starlight Series, Episode 7: C.W. Stoneking

Passive Aggressive

Thank You For Turning Me Down

I, Anonymous Classic: Dear Clowns of Portland

Just Screw It

I'm Watching You

Missed Connection


Drake Might Be Riding a Segway in Portland Right Now

Smoke Up... It's the Mercury's Jam-Packed Weed Issue!

Hall Monitor: Just Clunking Along

New Tweaks to the Police Oversight System Show How Far There Is to Go

What’s She Mad About Now?

Fighting Your Inner Tomi

Wanderlust and Wonderlands in The Lost City of Z

Things Get Real in James Gray’s Jungle Adventure

Load Up Your Minimalist Calendar with the Mercury’s Design Week Picks

From the Art of Politics to Marie Antoinette’s Petticoats, There’s Something For Everyone

Things to Do Music: April 19-25

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Music + Weed = Sometimes Great, Sometimes THE WORST

Getting Stoned at Concerts Can Be a Crapshoot

Reclaim Your Bong!

The Best Way to Clean—and We Mean Really Clean—Your Favorite Piece of Glass

No More Risky Business: Rich Hunter’s New Name and New Inspiration

Third Eye Inspiration Is Grown Folks’ Music

Under the Counter: Comparing Craigslist Weed to Dispensary-Bought Cannabis

Is the Legal Way of Buying Weed Any Better? Yes. Yes, It Is.

One Day at a Time

America Drops the “Mother of All Bombs,” While—GAH! LOOK OUT! A SCORPION!

Portland’s Pretty

Hinds & Twin Peaks 

This Week's Featured I, Anonymous!

To the Gentleman Downtown

Savage Love

Dick Monsters

Letters to the Editor

“I Should Say Upfront That I Enjoy Ecstatic Dancing and Treat It As a Spiritual Practice.”

The Promise: Love in the Time of Genocide

Not a Good Time for Love.
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