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The Thorns' Path of Totality Continues This Weekend!

Let's Revisit the Definition of Domestic Terrorism

Looks Like Bannon is Out


Timbers v. New York Red Bulls Match Preview

Things to Do Sunday!

8 Things to Do for August 20

Things to Do Saturday!

15 Things to Do for August 19

Things to Do Friday!

12 Things to Do for August 18

The Island Calls

In Death I Still Didn't Know

City Commissioner Nick Fish Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Things to Do Thursday!

10 Things to Do for August 17

Things to Do This Weekend: August 18-20

Keep Calm and Let It Eclipse

Good Morning, News: Our President, the White Supremacist Sympathizer

Things to Do Wednesday!

10 Things to Do for August 16

Things to Do Music: August 16-22

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Whose Streets? is Vital to the Resistance

Ferguson, Revisited

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of August 16-22

Taking a Chance with Brigsby Bear

Grizzly. Man.

The Return of Zeke

After Hibernating for 13 Years, the Seattle Band Is Ready to Unleash Hellbender

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Isn’t Bad, It’s Just Desperately Unimaginative

Turns Out You Can Judge a Movie by Its Title!

What’s the Deal with Doctors Not Being Able to Prescribe Weed?

And How Are Patients Getting Their Medical Cards?

Flat Earth, Eclipsed

The Eclipse, as “Explained” by Flat-Earthers

Eclipse Your Doubts with Totality Horoscopes!

Why Not? Everything Is Made Up Anyway

Umii Gives Life

The Portland Duo Releases Their Debut EP, This Time

Eclipse Events Calendar!

The Only Actually Useful Thing in the Mercury’s Eclipse Issue

The Run-down Stewart Apartments Are a Sanctuary for Poor Portlanders

They Might Be Gone at the End of the Month

What You May Have Missed at the Alley 33 Fashion Event

A Play-by-Play—with Pictures!—of the Outdoor Fashion Show

One Day at a Time

Donald Trump Threatens Nuclear War. Hillary Clinton Watches Wonder Woman. 2017 Is Turning Out Great!

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Portland’s Best New Neighborhood

In This Corner of the World Is a Cute Movie About Hiroshima

The Latest Animated Film from Sunao Katabuchi.
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