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Now You're Just Somebody that I Used to Know

Adult Training

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Dear So-Called Portland Equity Champions

Stop it!

Lookit! New Pics from Showtime's Twin Peaks

I Don't Owe No Stinking Arts Tax

You're Just a Cashier

Asking Vs. Doing

Detroiters Is the Funniest Show on TV Right Now

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The LA-Based Rapper Says He’s Ready to Make “Big Boy Records”

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Politics! Intrigue! Sex! In Space!

pwr rngrs 4evr lolz

Power Rangers Made Me Feel Old—Because I Am Old, So Very Old

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of March 22–28

Fuck Politeness

My Favorite Murder Reclaims True Crime for Women

The Wit and Wisdom of Wilson

Woody Harrelson Plays America’s Latest Complainer-in-Chief

The Last Word Will Make You Miss Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron More Than Normal

Because It Isn’t Very Good, And They Could Have Saved It

A Business Owner Was Cleared for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month

But Official Reports Raise Questions

One Day at a Time

Spicey Tries to Escape, the Planet Dies, and We’re Actually Nice to Ben Affleck. (We Know. We’re As Shocked As You Are.)

Teenage Fanclub Has Written the World’s Best Pop Songs

The Scottish Band Returns with 2016’s Here
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