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Suicide Squad

Exploring Death—and Beyond—with The Discovery

Letters to the Editor

“VAGINA! It’s Okay to Say.”

Black Violin Shatters Stereotypes

The Duo Strings Together Hip-Hop and Classical

In Other News

Police Chief on Leave; Oregon Republicans Say Dumb Shit

One Day at a Time

Of Rich White Assholes and “30 Solid Years of Just Partying Too Fucking Hard”

Portland’s Newest City Council Members Are Considering An Old School Budget Tactic

The Might Use Money from Their Bureaus to Pay Personal Aides

World War Blues

The Pain and Suffering of Frantz

A Town Deserving of Dumplings

Can XLB Provide Dumplings Worthy of Other West Coast Cities?

Braveyoung’s Graceful Dread

The Portland Three-Piece’s Misery & Pride Is Consistently Somber

The Party Review

Nasty Woman Party (Part 1)

Get Your Tickets Now for... Dan Savage’s Easter Extravaganza!

Advice! Music! Comedy! Sexy Jesus! It’s Dan Savage’s Easter Extravaganza!

Adventures in Canna Lobbying

Oregon Has Three Upcoming Bills That Are Worth Knowing About

The Zookeeper’s Wife Is Fine, I Guess

But Not One Nazi Gets Punched

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of March 29–April 4

Things to Do Music: March 29-April 4

Noteworthy Shows This Week

This Week's Featured I, Anonymous!

I Don’t Owe No Stinkin’ Arts Tax

Hall Monitor: Paying It Forward

Ted Wheeler Wants to Borrow Millions to Repair Roads and Parks. That’s Good.

It’s Never a Bad Idea to Be a Good Neighbor

With Cannabis, Try Not to Annoy Thy Neighbor

Savage Love

Positive Thinking

Some Landlords Are Abusing a State Fund for Poor Renters

A New Bill from Speaker Tina Kotek Could Help

Things To Do Film: March 31-April 6

Raw's Vegetarian Cannibal, 1984's Prescient Dystopia, and Stupid Chuck Norris

Liberal Leibensraum

Blazer Recap: The Blazers Bury The Nuggets, 122-113!!!

Trivia for Natives and Transplants

Ron Funches is Coming Back to Portland!

Baby Banter

This Week's Style Events

Still Don't Get It

Princess Syndrome

I, Anonymous Classic: You Brought a Beehive Into Our Garage

Congress Votes on Giving Away Your Internet Privacy Today

Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Needs Help! NOW!

Please Pay for Her Birth Control

The Walking Dead Recap: BOOM! We Got Your Guns.


SEQUIN SHOWERS! Thorns Beat Chicago 1-0

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