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Things to Do Wednesday!

9 Things to Do for June 28

Men Riding BMX Bikes

Hall Monitor: From Exceptionalism to Septic System

Will the City Pick a Pricey Water Treatment Plant, or a Really Pricey One? Both, Probably.

Sneaker Wave

The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop

Local Courts Have Been Improperly Shackling Inmates, a Ruling Finds

But Will Righting the Ship Lead to Huge Delays?

Record Review

Gaytheist, Let’s Jam Again Soon

Savage Love

The Music Box

Rockin’ Aesthetics, Dude!

Holsteins’ and Rock and Roll Chili Pit’s Dueling Escapism

Hunger Satisfies

Roxane Gay’s New Memoir Fills a Void in the Literary World

Brews for New Avenues: Beer for a Great Cause

Portland’s Best Beer Event Is a Fundraiser to Help Houseless Youths

Sofia Coppola Remakes (and Improves) The Beguiled

Sex and the Single Soldier.

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of June 28-July 4

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Local Attorney John Schlosser is Pushing a Better Court System for Immigrants

But Oregon’s Dire Budget Means Non-Citizens Might Be Out of Luck

Portland on Record: Melting Pot Sounds

Reissues of Pedro and Wimeanacas Are Integral Parts of the City’s History

One Day at a Time

This Week in American Politics: Sean Got Fatter.

What the Hell Beer Should I Drink?

Oregon Makes a Lot of Beers. Here’s What We Thought of Some of Them

Portland’s Pretty

The Go Skateboarding Day Jammy Jam

Weed Butter—the Really, Really Easy Way

The MagicalButter Machine Is Automatic for the Stoner

Slouching Toward the Beltway in Kill All Normies

Angela Nagle on the Monstrous Rise of the Alt-Right

Letters to the Editor

Another Week, Another Insight from Someone Calling Themselves “bongrip69.”

Okja: Pig in the City

Bong Joon Ho Brings a Super Pig to Netflix

The Party Review

The Lure of Smiling Pillows and Polish Cinema

Things To Do Film: June 30-July 6

This Week: the Fifth Element, B-Movie Bingo, and Some More of Those Stupid Fucking Minions Your Kids Won't Shut up About

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Fuck Your “Goals.”

Ryan Adams vs. the Planet Jupiter

A Rivalry for the Ages

New Column

Enough with the Fucking Fireworks Already

Get Your Cuke On!

Oregon’s Cucumber Beers

Want to Break into the Recreational Cannabis Biz? Here’s How

A Few Tips to Get You Started

Portland’s Beer District

Inner Southeast Is Rich with Breweries

The Hollywood Theatre Celebrates Spielberg—in 35 and 16mm

Perfect Blockbusters, as They Were Meant to Be Seen

Beer and Cheese Are BFFs

Tips on How to Make Perfect Pairings

A History of American Beer Geekdom

Brewpubs, Beer Fests, Bourbon Barrels, and Bestsellers: Beer’s Been Through a Lot in the Past 35 Years

Baby Driver’s Killer Playlist

Edgar Wright’s Latest Is a Full-Throttle Ballet of Motion, Color, and Sound

The Future is Now

Thank You

Savage Love Letter of the Day: One Asshole Move

The I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day: Bagpipin'

Things to Do Tuesday!

6 Things to Do for June 27

Guest Editorial: Parents, Now is the Time to Talk to Your Gay Teen about PrEP

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