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Fact: The Laws of God and Man Are Suspended During an Eclipse.

Plan Accordingly.

I Told You This Would Happen!


Flat Earth, Eclipsed

The Eclipse, as “Explained” by Flat-Earthers

Okay, Fuck This Eclipse

Editorial Opinion by A Rooster

How to Make Your Own Eclipse

It’s Super Easy, Everybody

I Am Mortified by the Attention and Apologize for the Disruption

This Is Just the Worst

Eclipse Your Doubts with Totality Horoscopes!

Why Not? Everything Is Made Up Anyway

Eclipse Events Calendar!

The Only Actually Useful Thing in the Mercury’s Eclipse Issue

When Cats ATTACK!

They Are Probably Just Scared, Says Horror Cartoonist and Attack Survivor Julia Gfrörer

Cat Party!

Getting Twisted with My Feline Friends

An Excerpt from Fetch: How A Bad Dog Brought Me Home

Nicole Georges on Her Lovable, Cranky Pup

Pets of the Trump Administration

That’s Weird... White House Employees Look Just Like Their Pets!

Best Practices for Small Pig Adoption

How to (Ethically) Achieve Your Dream of Getting a Small Swine Companion

In Quad We Trust

Adult Skate Parties Get It Jukin’

Muay Thai Saved My Life

I Was Deep Inside an Existential Clusterfuck—Until Thai Boxing Rewired My Brain

Through the Eyes of a Tourist

How Teaching Tourists About Portland Taught Me a Lot About Portland

Visiting Families or Kids

Fancy Brunches

Old School Brunch

Entertainment and Brunch

Brunch Outside the Box

Dive Bar Brunches

The Brunch Issue

Finding the Perfect Brunch for YOU!


To Catch an International Carnivorous Plant Smuggler, Sometimes You Have to Go Undercover

What the Hell Beer Should I Drink?

Oregon Makes a Lot of Beers. Here’s What We Thought of Some of Them

Brews for New Avenues: Beer for a Great Cause

Portland’s Best Beer Event Is a Fundraiser to Help Houseless Youths

Beer and Cheese Are BFFs

Tips on How to Make Perfect Pairings

Portland’s Beer District

Inner Southeast Is Rich with Breweries

A History of American Beer Geekdom

Brewpubs, Beer Fests, Bourbon Barrels, and Bestsellers: Beer’s Been Through a Lot in the Past 35 Years

"Burn the Town Down"

The Striking Similarities Between Portland's 1967 Race Riot and Our City's Current Relationship with People of Color

The Feeling is Multiplied

Our Queer Little Village

Wuvable Oaf

Battle Zone

The Heroes Inside

The Internal Lives of Superheroines from a Transperson’s Perspective

Once Upon a Time in Queer Oregon

Remembering Dr. Marie Equi

W3 THR33

Dancing On My Own

How Political Anxiety Turned Me into a Late-Onset Ballerina

Fear Will Never Conquer Us

Scenes from This Weekend’s Hollywood Transit Vigil for Three Heroes Who Stood Against Hate

The Last Best Summer Ever

A Guide to Going Freaking Nuts During this Last Summer Under Trump

Our Picks for Pedalpalooza 2017

Ride the Lightning!

In Praise of the Summertime Shame Drink

The Time Has Come for Pleasurable Consumption Without Apology

Portland’s Best Outdoor Summer Concerts

Waterslide Hacks for Adults

Why Should Kids Get to Have All the Fun?

Apocalyptic Patios

The Best Summertime Rooftops for Mushroom Cloud Viewing

Portland Finally Has a Mountain Bike Park

It’s Sandwiched Between Two Freeways, and It’s Probably Just the Beginning

Hiking Highway 26

The Freeways Are Only Getting Worse. Time to Find Another Way Out of Town

Keeping Cool with Booze

How to Eat, Slurp, and Lick your Alcohol

Gimmee Shelter

Sharon “The Afrovivalist” Ross is Prepared for the Worst. Why Aren’t You?
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