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In Defense of Avocado Toast

Remember: Trump's Tax Plan Would Kill Affordable Housing

Goat Blocks: A Slap in the Face to Goats and Humanity

Hall Monitor: A Miracle Move for R2DToo?

The Camp’s Latest Proposed Home Could Be Perfect—For A Year or So

R2DToo Has Been Served With an Eviction Notice

Some Landlords Are Abusing a State Fund for Poor Renters

A New Bill from Speaker Tina Kotek Could Help

A Business Owner Was Cleared for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month

But Official Reports Raise Questions

Portlanders Desperate for Federal Housing Assistance Won’t Get It This Year

And You Can Probably Guess One Reason Why

Wingin’ It

Could Refurbished Airplanes Become Portland’s Next “Tiny Homes” Movement?

Trumped Towers

One More Thing the New President’s Throwing into Chaos: Portland’s Affordable Housing Market

Eviction Wars

After the Landlord-Tenant Coalition Split Up, the “No Cause” Fight Heads to Salem

No One’s Policing Lead Dust in Demolition-Happy Portland

That Has Potential Consequences for Every Neighborhood in the City

Through the “Eviction Mill”

As the Housing Crisis Worsens, Landlords Have a Friend in the County Court

How to Trick Someone into Letting You Live with Them

Appear to Be a Good Housemate with These Six Simple Secrets

Portland's Oldest Buildings Just Got Harder to Demolish

But Has the City Been Breaking State Law Since 2002?

A Rodent-Infested Lake Oswego House Could Slow Demolitions in Portland

But in This Market, It Might Not Matter

"The Double Standard of the Side Hustle"

Hall Monitor: The New Housing Frontier

Portland's About to Consider Some Big Changes to Its Housing Strategy. We'll Need More.

Hall Monitor: ALERT!

Surprise! Commercial Property Types Want to Duck a Tax for Housing

The Atlantic's Written a Tough Article on Portland's Housing Crisis

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