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Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

HQ Objective Goes Beyond the Traditional Gallery's White Cube

That Capitalist Vision of Thomas Kinkade

Upfor Gallery Curators on the McDonald's of the Art World

"World's Greatest Cat Painting" Comes to Portland Art Museum

And the Collector Behind It Breaks His Silence

Natalie Anne Howard's Art Is Psychedelia by Southwest

The '90s Nostalgia of Diurnal Doldrums

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

At PSU's Littman Gallery, the Staff Actually Wants to Talk to You

Cowpokes of Instagram in The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Portland Painter Annie McLaughlin Takes on West Coast Pastoral

Krampus Sees You When You're Sleeping

And He's Coming to the Pony Club Gallery!

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

In a Gentrifying Portland, Making Art is Expensive. Grants Like PICA's Can Help.

The 1980s NYC Art World—in a Box!

Art Babies and Bright Lights in Paige Powell's The Ride

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Spend Winter with Publication Studio's Artists and Writers

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Finding the Punk Core of Portland Art at S1

Beyond First Thursday

A Newcomers' Guide to Portland's Art Galleries

Grrrl in Motion

Alien She's Archives of Riot Grrrl

Not-So-Precious Cargo

Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Upends Portland's Cutesy Crafting

Lost in Translation

At Yale Union, A Portland Art Gallery Goes Parisian

Properties of Water in The River Keeps Talking

Freaky Beaches and Neon Sunsets at Ampersand Gallery

Life on the Streets

Survival Advice from the Youth of P:ear

Another Roadside Attraction

Drive-ins, Signs, and Symbols at Land Gallery

Ground Control

From Mount Hood, Artists' Environmental Impact Statement

Border Crossings

Old Art World Meets New at PICA and the Portland Art Museum

Hockney Meets Stravinsky

Portland Opera Joins Forces with Artist David Hockney

Shutter Speed

Portland's Boundary-Pushing Photography Finds a Home at Melanie Flood Projects

Chaos and Splendor

PICA Celebrates 20 Years of Contemporary Art in Portland

The Art of Stalking

Sophie Calle's Nosy Conceptual Art, Revisited

Pitch Black

Portland's Black Cake Records Turn Writing into Sound Art

Out of Tumblr and Onto the Wall

Intisar Abioto's Signature Portraits Get Their Due at Duplex Gallery

Art Walkin': First Friday

Stuck Between the Old Portland and the New

Jump Start

Building Video Games at Portland's Jumpdrive Studios

Froot Loops

Lisa Frank, Art History Major, at Fourteen30 Contemporary

Room Full of Faces

Key Figures of Outsider Art at Adams and Ollman

Without Ceremony

Victoria Haven's Quiet Evolution

Source Code

Finding the Signal in the Noise at Froelick's Group Show

Puzzled, Mathematical, and Hungover

First Thursday Crawls into the New Year

So Money

Skylines and Shiny Objects at Disjecta and Nisus Gallery

Building a Vocabulary

Words for Allie Hankins' Physical Education

Ruined Refuge

Rose Bond Shines a Light on the Society Hotel

Art Walkin'

Popped Up, Toned Down, and Slapped Together

Wilderness Years

Corey Arnold Photographs Animals Who Want to Kill Him

Art Walkin'

Making an Impression on First Thursday


Photography at Elizabeth Leach and the Portland Art Museum

Art Walkin': First Thursday

Hoods 'n' Heads

Dreamed-Up Dynasty

Lenae Day Makes Hollywood History

Art Walkin': First Friday

The End of an Era

Writing on the Walls

The Latest Batch of Murals from Forest for the Trees

Last Thursday: Three-Piece Pursuit

Worthy Stops on the Northeast Gallery Strip

Over the Borderline

Signal Fire's Artists Capture Life at the Border

Art Walkin': Last Thursday

Will New Policies Change the Tenor of Last Thursday?

Getting to Know You

Interrogating Disjecta's Newest Curator-in-Residence


N.O. Bonzo's Guerilla Street Art
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