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Hall Monitor: From Exceptionalism to Septic System

Will the City Pick a Pricey Water Treatment Plant, or a Really Pricey One? Both, Probably.

Sheriff Mike Reese Considered Saving Portland's Horse Cops

Hall Monitor: Teddy Wheels and the Mayoral Dagger

The Mayor Just Issued a Damning Judgment, Even if His Office Won’t Admit It.

Hall Monitor: Hold the Phone!

Portland’s 911 Stats Have Been Lowballed Since 2004. We Should Have Been Told.

Help Right 2 Dream Too Move This Weekend

Portlanders Approved a Mammoth Schools Bond on Tuesday

And That’s Not All

Hall Monitor: From the Pot Shop to the Cop Shop

Ted Wheeler Wants to Put Almost All Portland Pot Taxes into Police

Portland's New Gas Tax Is Raking in More Than Expected

Hall Monitor: The Best Budget Fights, A Preview

Ted Wheeler’s First Budget Is Largely Noncontroversial. Here Are Some Exceptions.

City Hall's New Bag Checks Cost Nearly $190,000 Per Year

Chloe Eudaly Wants to Look Into A City-Owned Bank

Here’s What That Means

Hall Monitor: Just Clunking Along

New Tweaks to the Police Oversight System Show How Far There Is to Go

Hall Monitor: A Miracle Move for R2DToo?

The Camp’s Latest Proposed Home Could Be Perfect—For A Year or So

Right 2 Dream Too Is Moving to the Rose Quarter

The Secret Naughty List

Portland’s Ethical Investment Decisions Might Move Behind Closed Doors. Some Say That Defeats the Point

Hall Monitor: Tickets, Please!

We Now Know the Mayor’s Meeting Strategy. Will It Work?

Portland’s Newest City Council Members Are Considering An Old-School Budget Tactic

They Might Use Money from Their Bureaus to Pay Personal Aides
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