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I’m Just Visiting

Portland is Better than LA Because Hot Milk.

Things To Laugh At This Weekend!

United Shades of Kamau

W. Kamau Bell Weighs in on Capitalism, Donald Trump, and Quitting Alec Baldwin

Tonight in Comedy, It's "The I, Anonymous Show"!

Hannibal Buress Just Added a Portland Show!

The Hilarious Lost Boys Live! Returns This Weekend!

Phoebe Robinson, Dope Queen

You Can’t Touch My Hair Takes on Race and Pop Culture

Everything as Fuck

The Fifth and FINAL Installment of Ian Karmel’s Beloved Investigation into Carlos Santana’s Supernatural

Stellar Jokes (and Gentleman Callers)

Get Ready for Bri Pruett’s One-Woman Show

New Column!

Introducing Trump University’s Newest Class... The Art of Debate!

Everything as Fuck

Part Four of Ian’s Award-Winning Dissection of Carlos Santana’s Supernatural.

Our Picks for the All Jane Comedy Fest

From Maria Bamford to Irene Tu, Here’s What Not to Miss

Things To Do Comedy

Funny Things to Do for the Month of October

Everything as Fuck

Part Three of Ian’s Examination of Santana’s Supernatural. This Week: Rob Thomas’ “Smooth.”

PANIC AGAIN! Louis C.K. Has Added an Additional Show in Portland!

Everything as Fuck: Supernatural, Part 2

Ian Continues His In-Depth Investigation of Santana's Supernatural

Comedian Louis CK is Coming to Portland; Celebrate and PANIC!

Things To Laugh At This Weekend

Check Out Ian Karmel's New Podcast "All Fantasy Everything"

Intersect Fest’s Punk Ethos

Now in Its Second Year, the DIY Showcase Celebrates Portland Artists of Color

Everything as Fuck

Part One of a Four Part Series about Carlos Santana’s Supernatural

New Column!

Ask an Obsolescent Pair of Headphones

Adam Conover, Sharp-Dressed Knowledge Genie

The Comedian Proves That Information is Power—And Also Ruinous

Don't Miss the New... I, Anonymous Comedy Show!

Don't Miss... The New I, Anonymous Show!

Shane Torres’ (Brief) Escape from New York

The Comedian Weighs in on the Future of Portland Stand-Up, Subway Horrors, and Quentin Tarantino Eating Pasta

Everything as Fuck

An Excerpt from Ian Karmel’s New Book

Meet Portland’s Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy!

And get your tickets now for this hilarious comedy showcase on September 16!

Here's Amy Schumer Destroying a Sexist Heckler

Everything as Fuck

There’s Only One National Anthem as Far as You’re Concerned.

Fall Arts & Culture Guide

It’s Peak Art Season in Portland. Here’s Your Game Plan.

Things To Do Comedy

Funny Things to Do for the Month of September

Poking the Hornets’ Nest with Eric Andre

Fresh off His RNC Antics, the Provocative Comedian Comes to Portland
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