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The City’s Now Using “No Camping” Signs to Deter Campers from Parks

And It Might Be Working?

Why the Larry O'Dea Shooting Still Matters

His Lies (and Lies by Omission) Linger as Portland Awaits a New Police Chief

Portlanders Just Forced Changes to Contentious Police Oversight Proposals

But the Outcome Is Still Up in the Air

Hall Monitor: Slap Yourselves, Portland

Proposed Police Oversight Changes Are Hugely Important. So Wake Up!

East Portland Advocates Are Trying to Fill a Sudden Gap in Homeless Assistance

But Their Meal Services Are Angering Neighbors

Hall Monitor: The Secret, Zombie 48-Hour Rule Lives!

Why Didn’t Ted Wheeler Think to Mention that a Despised Practice Had Returned?

RV Camping Has Exploded on Portland Streets

Now, Cops Are Using State Law to Justify Lightning-Quick Tows

Hall Monitor: Jumping Ship

Even More Agencies Are Bailing from Portland’s Problematic, Expensive Police Records System

Local Courts Have Been Improperly Shackling Inmates, a Ruling Finds

But Will Righting the Ship Lead to Huge Delays?

Sheriff Mike Reese Considered Saving Portland's Horse Cops

A City in Mourning

Last Week’s Horrific TriMet Attack Has Portland Reeling Yet Resolute. Upcoming Alt-Right Rallies Will Test That.

Pepsi Just Eliminated Police Brutality!

Two Top Police Officials Were Placed on Leave Yesterday

A Crowd of Hundreds Marches to Demand Justice in Quanice Hayes Killing

Hall Monitor: Wheeler’s Testy Early Term

How Will the New Mayor Handle His Biggest Test Yet?

Well, That Escalated Quickly

How A Portland Cop’s Brief Misconduct Quietly Became a War Over Police Accountability

Portland’s 911 System Has a Gaping Flaw

If You Get Disconnected While On Hold, the City Has No Idea You Called

Multnomah County Was Supposed to Decrease Jail Spending

But It’s Pumping Half a Million Dollars into Keeping Prisoners Locked Up
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