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Well That Escalated Quickly

How A Portland Cop’s Brief Misconduct Quietly Became a War Over Police Accountability

Portland’s 911 System Has a Gaping Flaw

If You Get Disconnected While On Hold, the City Has No Idea You Called

Multnomah County Was Supposed to Decrease Jail Spending

But It’s Pumping Half a Million Dollars into Keeping Prisoners Locked Up

Higher Scrutiny Leads to Lower Morale For Local Cops

A New Survey Details a Disconnect Between the Police Bureau and Reform Efforts

In Other News

2016’s First Fatal Police Shooting. Reading Frenzy Is Closing.

Portland Cops Have Issues With Their New Crime Reporting Software

That Should Surprise No One

A Controversial Portland Cop Improperly Spied on Her Former Stepdaughter

That Should Have Been Grounds For Firing. It Wasn’t

Portland’s Police Reform Effort Has a Problem

Its Citizen Advisers Say They’ve Been Abandoned

Don't Shoot Portland's Teressa Raiford Wants to be Sheriff

Hall Monitor: The Mayor’s Last Big Loss?

Charlie Hales’ Police Contract “Victory” Looks Like Anything But Right Now

Portlanders Just Got Their First Look at a Police Body Cam Policy

Here Are Four Things You Need to Know About it

Hall Monitor: A Police Reform Lube Job

Everyone Seems to Dislike a New Police Union Contract. It’ll Pass Anyway.

Hall Monitor—The True Price of Hales’ Police Deal

City Council Supports Spending $6.8 Million for Cops, but It’ll Cost You More.

City Council Will Soon Vote on Changes to Portland’s Police Oversight System

They Won’t Be as Drastic as Originally Proposed

In Other News

A seized car and a telltale heart?

Short-Staffed Cops Are Being Forced to Trim Specialty Units to Adequately Patrol the City

Here’s Where the Cuts Might Be Coming From

Portland’s on the Verge of Major Police Oversight Reforms.

Some Worry It Will Make Things Worse

“Practice Peace but Prepare for War”

The Head of Portland’s Black Riders Liberation Party on His Group, the Police, and His Mission

Portland’s Police Reforms Are Headed Toward a Big Shake Up

After All the Recent Trouble, That Might Be a Good Thing

Taking the LEAD

Cops and Prosecutors Are Embracing a Radical Idea: Not Filing Drug Possession Cases

“He’s Got a Gun!”

An Infamous Local Right-Winger Nearly Shoots at Black Lives Matter Protesters

The New Chief Speaks

We Asked Mike Marshman About His Policing Philosophy. And How He Lost Part of His Trigger Finger
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