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The ACLU Just Filed the First of Several Lawsuits Over Recent Police Protest Tactics

It Hopes to Stop Cops from Using a Controversial “Kettle” Maneuver

The Top Protest Cop Defends Rough Policing Tactics

But Complaints Keep Filing in and Lawsuits Loom

Loretta Smith is Raking in Cash for a City Council Run

Is She Allowed to Keep Her County Job While Campaigning?

ICE Agents Are Starting to Text Immigrant Targets

They’re Also Continuing Constitution-Violating Arrests

Activists Attempt to Block a Bus at Portland's ICE Facility, Spurring Odd Arrests

Portland Police Are Struggling to Defuse Tense Situations

A Damning New Report Suggests That’s Because They’re Not Being Trained

Our Questions for Danielle Outlaw

Portland’s New Police Chief Speaks About Her Priorities, Commuting Cops, and Protest Policing

Elevators at the Justice Center Were Screwed Up For Weeks

It Kept Defense Attorneys and Psychologists From Visiting

KKK Sign Found at Portland's Roosevelt High School

Local Prosecutors Are About to Scrap Secretive Grand Juries

It’s a Win For Transparency—But a Potential Headache for Public Defenders

Two States, One Chaotic Day

As Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Portland Antifa, a Confederate Flag-Adorned Truck Nearly Plows Through Them

How to Get Around Portland (Car-Free)

Yes, You Can, and Yes, You Should
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