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Welcome to CHIPS World

Population: Dax Shepard, Michael Peña, and You

The Fast and the Historically Complex

Speed Sisters Has Cars AND Global Politics!

Things to Do Film: March 24-30

Spend Some Quality Time with Wonder Woman, Mad Max, and Hedwig

Life? More Like DEATH!

(Because a Bunch of People Get Killed)

T2 Trainspotting Is a Worthwhile Relapse

Danny Boyle’s Flamboyant Sequel Is All About the Characters

Schadenfreude Espresso

Donald Cried and the Comedy of Humiliation

pwr rngrs 4evr lolz

Power Rangers Made Me Feel Old—Because I Am Old, So Very Old

The Wit and Wisdom of Wilson

Woody Harrelson Plays America’s Latest Complainer-in-Chief

The Last Word Will Make You Miss Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron More Than Normal

Because It Isn’t Very Good, And They Could Have Saved It

I Think I've Found the Perfect Boy/Girlfriend for You

The Sense of an Ending Will Make You Cry if You See It on an Airplane

Starring Everyone’s Polite British Grandpa, Jim Broadbent!

Land of Mine Is Explosive Filmmaking!

(It Is About Land Mines, You See.)

Things To Do Film: March 17-23

Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark, John Waters' Pink Flamingos, and More!

Crooks, Dicks, and Femme Fatales in Cinema 21’s Noir Series

Sixteen Black-and-White Crime Classics Come to Portland

Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart Reteam for Personal Shopper

The Shopping Is a Metaphor!

Beauty and the Beast Is Like The Bachelor, But There’s Only One Rose and It’s Dying

It’s the Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Yet!

Things to Do Film: March 10-16

This Week: River's Edge, Night of the Hunter, and Some Seriously Insane Kung Fu

Beauty and Terror: Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Monsters, Vietnam, and Kong: Skull Island

Interview and Comic by Suzette Smith

Legion Might Be Long-Term Relationship Material

Or It Could All Crash and Burn

A United Kingdom: When Love Actually Wins

Love! Drama! Politics!

Mayhem and Melancholy

Logan Isn’t Just a Great Superhero Movie. It’s a Great Movie.

Wedding Bashers

Anna Kendrick Makes Table 19 Mildly Amusing

Breaking the Niche

POW Fest 2017: More Inclusive, More Interesting

Kedi Is Cute, but It’s Also Smart

A New Documentary About Cats Shows a Rarely Seen Side of Istanbul

Things To Do Film: March 3-9

This week: Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe, Krzysztof Kiéslowski’s Dekalog, and the Timely Return of Starship Troopers

Thee Most Unforgettable Oscars in the History of the Human Race

A Climactic Mix-Up Leads to a Well-Deserved Win

Blood and Desperation

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore: A Portland-Shot, Sundance-Winning Comedy Thriller

Get Out of White Suburbia

Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut Hits Horror, Satire, and Race

King Kong Lives

Kong: Long Live the King: A Tribute to All Things Kong

The Simple, Beautiful Fable of The Red Turtle


Things To Do Film: February 24-March 2

A Zombie Nightmare, Latin American Animation, and More!

The Hollywood Theatre's Airport Microcinema Will Open February 23

Travelers Can Kick Back with Local—and Free—Short Films

Taking a Journey Here Tonight...With Renaissance Man David Duchovny

He Acts! He Directs! He Writes! He... Sings?

You’ll Never Think About Sexy Mermaids the Same Way Again

The Lure: There's Some Tail Sex Stuff.

Things To Do Film: February 17-23

This Week: Pedro Almodóvar, Billy Dee Williams, and Eternal Sunshine

Dog-Lizards vs. Architecture: Who Will Win??

The Great Wall Is Silly and Fun

David Duchovny Through the Ages

An Authoritative Timeline of David Duchovny Through the Ages

A Mysterious and Strange Cure for Wellness

Let’s Go to Dracula Hospital!

Universal Harvester’s Movie Madness

Checking Out John Darnielle’s New Novel



Santa Clarita Diet: Netflix’s Cannibal Sitcom Needs More Bite

Family First.

Pam Grier—and a Whole Lot More—at the Portland Black Film Festival

We Talk to Curator David F. Walker About the Fest’s Must-Sees


A Careful and Critical Analysis of John Wick: Chapter 2

Life Lessons and Lego Batman

Everything Is Still Awesome (Mostly)

You Deserve Better Than Fifty Shades Darker

We All Do.
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