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Woody Allen’s Café Society Is a Pancake of a Movie

It’s an Okay Pancake.

Being Empowered (Sort Of) (Not Really) with Bad Moms

Alas, Some Problems Can’t Be Solved with Binge Drinking

Things to Do Film

This Week: Nerve, The Innocents, the 35th Anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and More

Jason Bourne: Punching and Chasing, Part Five

Matt Damon's Bourne Again! (Sorry)

Equals: Romance... in the Future!

It Involves Breathing on Each Other.

Growing Old with Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk’s Comic Book Sequel to the ’90s Rite of Passage

Film Shorts

This Week: Spike Lee, Zombie, and Escape from New York!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Is Absolutely Just Okay

More Like... Partially Fabulous

Lights Out Offers a Steady Array of Oh-Shit Moments


Hitting the Road with Microbe and Gasoline

Michel Gondry’s Eccentric Tale Offers Some Much-Needed Optimism

Beyond Star Trek

Star Trek Offers Us a Reminder: We Can Do Better

Eat That Question: Zappa on Zappa

A Frank Zappa Doc That Even Haters Might Appreciate

The Infiltrator: Cocaine. Mustaches. Bryan Cranston.

Plus a Dash of Gangster Swagger

Film Shorts

This Week: Muppets, Videofreex, and Aliens and West Side Story on 70mm!

All Hail the Ghostbusters

Sorry, Ghostbros!

Going Off the Grid with Captain Fantastic

Dislike Modern Life? So Does Aragorn!

Dog Food, Broadway, and The Lost World of Industrial Musicals

An Interview with the Self-Described “World’s Expert in Corporate Musical Theater”

The Wiener-Dog Dies

It’s a Todd Solondz Movie. Of Course the Dog Dies.

The Simple Pleasures of Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Taika Waititi’s Outback Comedy Is Small and Great

Win a Pair of Tickets to Aliens on 70mm!

Film Shorts

This week: Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm, the Fashion of The Fifth Element, and Shorts from the Northwest Filmmakers' Festival

Fuck Mike and Dave

More Like Mike and Dave Can Treat Women Better Because It Is 2016

Your Best Bets at OMSI’s Sci-Fi Film Fest

From Alien to Mad Max, and Wall-E to Total Recall

Tickled Offers a Glimpse into Tickling Fetish Videos

And Then Things Get Really Weird

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma Does Rock!

And Also Plays That Song He Played on The West Wing

Zero Days and the Future of War

Alex Gibney Takes on America’s Cyber Warfare

Legend of Tarzan: Tarzans Gonna Tarzan

Yep, That's Definitely Tarzan.

Film Shorts

This Week: Our Kind of Traitor and The Purge: Election Year—Plus 2001 in 70mm!

The BFG: Just Like E.T., But Bigger!

Steven Spielberg's Faithful Adaptation of Roald Dahl's Giant Tale

In Swiss Army Man, Dano and Radcliffe Are Best Friends Forever

That's Also How Long This Film Will Haunt Your Dreams!

Jack Reacher DGAF

The Day We Thought Jeff Goldblum Died

It Was the Saddest Day in History

Starring Dr. Ian Malcolm as Himself

Ian Malcolm Should Have His Own TV Show. Here Are Some Ideas!

Your Very Own Jeff Goldblum Paper Doll!

Featuring Stylish Looks from Jurassic Park, The Life Aquatic, Buckaroo Banzai, and The Fly!

How to Talk Like Jeff Goldblum

Can You Talk Like Jeff Goldblum? Spoiler: No

Jeff Goldblum's Psychosexual Power

It Will Hold You in Its Thrall

Jeff Goldblum Is the Savior of Planet Earth

Jeff Goldblum: Resurgence > Independence Day: Resurgence

Step Aside, Lord of the Rings. Vaxxed Is the Fantasy Epic of Our Age

It Doesn't Have Any Orcs, Though

Nobody Needs Finding Dory

But at Least Pixar Made It Better Than Finding Nemo

Central Intelligence: The Rock Is America's Sweetheart

You Know It's True

Film Shorts

This Week: Buckaroo Banzai, the 15th Anniversary of the Fast and the Furious, and Ken Russell's X-Rated The Devils

Why Is Portland's Cinema 21 Showing Vaxxed?

Maggie's Plan: Fixing the Romcom

A Corrective to So Many Other Failed Relationship Comedies

Film Shorts

Reviews of Dark Horse, Persona, Snake Deadly Act, and More. Plus! 12 Monkeys... with 12 LIVE MONKEYS in ATTENDANCE!!!

Sexy Producer Fan Fiction about Now You See Me 2

How the Sequel Sausage Gets Made
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