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Sovereignty Struggles

Promised Land Examines How the Government Systematically Prohibits Tribal Recognition

Eat, Pray, Drug

The Last Shaman: Where’s Elizabeth Gilbert When You Need Her?

With Netflix’s War Machine, David Michôd and Brad Pitt Take on Afghanistan

Not All Wars Are Created Equal

Playin’ in the Band: The Grateful Dead’s Long Strange Trip

Emphasis on “Long,” But It’s a Trip Worth Taking

Who Is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales for?

It Is Not for You. It Is Not for Anyone.

Things To Do Film: May 26-June 1

The Fine Works of Hayao Miyazaki, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the Garbage Pail Kids

The Lovers Is in Love with Its Own Solipsism

Ready to Slog Through the Worst Parts of Adulthood?

Things to Do Film: May 19-25

The Last Dragon, Kindergarten Cop, and Kenji Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu.

Music—and More—at 2017’s QDoc

Jazz Hands!

The Beast Is Back in Alien: Covenant

Meet the New Alien, Same as the Old Alien

The Twin Peaks Revival Is a Reminder of How the Original Impacted My Life

In the Spring of 1990, Twin Peaks Premiered, and My Mom Started Losing Her Mind.

Misfortune and Misadventure

Chuck Goes a Step Past Rocky

Nut Up, Fantasy Nerds: This King Arthur’s a Real Man!

Guy Ritchie’s Macho Bluster Mars King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Master of None Is Anything but Niche

Aziz Ansari Outdoes Himself in Season Two

Things To Do Film: May 12-18

This Week: A Quiet Passion, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and HUMP!

Sun’s Out, Tits Out

Snatched Isn’t As Disappointing As It Could Be!

The Mumbo Jumbo of Buster’s Mal Heart

Buster’s Heart Is Fine. His Brain? Not So Much.

Snoozing Through All These Sleepless Nights

Spoiler Alert: Polish Raves Are Boring

Citizen Jane Is a History Lesson in City Planning

An Otherwise Effective Documentary Doesn’t Point a Way Forward

The Guardians of the Galaxy Return, and They’re In Their Feelings

Feel First, Save the Galaxy Later

Things to Do Film: May 5-11

This Week: Casablanca, The Circle, and The Mystery of Chess Boxing

Hustle and Dough

The Life and Loves of James Beard: America’s First Foodie

Movies, Booze, and Bikes

Filmed by Bike Fest Showcases the Best Bike-Themed Films—and More

The Overlook Film Festival Shines

Horror Movies in the Woods? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

Dear White People Is Much Better as a Netflix Series

Time to Enroll in Race 101.

Changing the World with The Reluctant Radical

They Tried to Make a Movie. Then They Got Arrested.

Hulu’s All-Too-Relevant Handmaid’s Tale

It Isn’t Terrifying Because It Could Happen. It’s Terrifying Because It Already Did

Things to Do Film: April 28-May 4

This Week: Chasing Trane, Graduation, and *grimaces* Escape from L.A.

Talking with Dash Shaw About My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

And Q-Tips.

Starz’s Sumptuous and Slow American Gods

Gaiman, Gods, and Gay Genies

The Promise: Love in the Time of Genocide

Not a Good Time for Love.

Things To Do Film: April 21-27

Cézanne et Moi, David Lynch: The Art Life, and the Portland EcoFilm Festival

Shoot ’Em Up

Blood, Laughs, and Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire

Wanderlust and Wonderlands in The Lost City of Z

Things Get Real in James Gray’s Jungle Adventure

Quick Reviews of This Weekend's New Movies

Here's That Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser...

A Chat with Colossal Director Nacho Vigalondo

Love Can Be a Seoul-Crushing Experience

👱 + 🙋 + 😺 = 😍

Gifted Review: Math, Cats, and Celebrity Romance

BREAKING: Dominic Toretto Has Just Gone Rogue

“I Choose to Make My Own Fate,” He Said, Shortly After Doing a Bunch of Awesome Shit

Things to Do Film: April 14-20

This Week: The Void's Elder Gods, Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert, and Joe Dante Comes to Portland

This Is All You Should Read Before You Go See Your Name

Please, For the Love of God, Someone Stop Zach Braff

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