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Changing the World with The Reluctant Radical

They Tried to Make a Movie. Then They Got Arrested.

Hulu’s All-Too-Relevant Handmaid’s Tale

It Isn’t Terrifying Because It Could Happen. It’s Terrifying Because It Already Did

Things to Do Film: April 28-May 4

This Week: Chasing Trane, Graduation, and *grimaces* Escape from L.A.

Talking with Dash Shaw About My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

And Q-Tips.

Starz’s Sumptuous and Slow American Gods

Gaiman, Gods, and Gay Genies

The Overlook Film Festival Shines

Horror Movies in the Woods? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

Dear White People Is Much Better as a Netflix Series

Time to Enroll in Race 101.

Things To Do Film: April 21-27

Cézanne et Moi, David Lynch: The Art Life, and the Portland EcoFilm Festival

Shoot ’Em Up

Blood, Laughs, and Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire

Wanderlust and Wonderlands in The Lost City of Z

Things Get Real in James Gray’s Jungle Adventure

The Promise: Love in the Time of Genocide

Not a Good Time for Love.

Quick Reviews of This Weekend's New Movies

Here's That Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser...

BREAKING: Dominic Toretto Has Just Gone Rogue

“I Choose to Make My Own Fate,” He Said, Shortly After Doing a Bunch of Awesome Shit

Things to Do Film: April 14-20

This Week: The Void's Elder Gods, Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert, and Joe Dante Comes to Portland

A Chat with Colossal Director Nacho Vigalondo

Love Can Be a Seoul-Crushing Experience

👱 + 🙋 + 😺 = 😍

Gifted Review: Math, Cats, and Celebrity Romance

This Is All You Should Read Before You Go See Your Name

Please, For the Love of God, Someone Stop Zach Braff

Win It All Wants You to Win, Too

With His Latest, Joe Swanberg Bends Toward Conventionality

Things to Do Film: April 7-13

Donnie Darko, Miller’s Crossing, and the Hollywood Theatre's 70mm Sci-Fi Weekend

After the Storm’s Emotional Packrats

Families and Stuff

HyperNormalisation and the Origins of Trumpism

How We Got to Where We Are Now

Win Tickets to Spike Lee's Bamboozled!

World War Blues

The Pain and Suffering of Frantz

Ghost in the Shell: Asian City Too White

Enough of This Dumb Race Shit.

The Zookeeper’s Wife Is Fine, I Guess

But Not One Nazi Gets Punched

Things To Do Film: March 31-April 6

Raw's Vegetarian Cannibal, 1984's Prescient Dystopia, and Stupid Chuck Norris

Suicide Squad

Exploring Death—and Beyond—in The Discovery

Things to Do Film: March 24-30

Spend Some Quality Time with Wonder Woman, Mad Max, and Hedwig

Life? More Like DEATH!

(Because a Bunch of People Get Killed)

T2 Trainspotting Is a Worthwhile Relapse

Danny Boyle’s Flamboyant Sequel Is All About the Characters

Schadenfreude Espresso

Donald Cried and the Comedy of Humiliation

pwr rngrs 4evr lolz

Power Rangers Made Me Feel Old—Because I Am Old, So Very Old

The Wit and Wisdom of Wilson

Woody Harrelson Plays America’s Latest Complainer-in-Chief

The Last Word Will Make You Miss Carrie Fisher and Nora Ephron More Than Normal

Because It Isn’t Very Good, And They Could Have Saved It

Welcome to CHIPS World

Population: Dax Shepard, Michael Peña, and You

The Fast and the Historically Complex

Speed Sisters Has Cars AND Global Politics!

The Sense of an Ending Will Make You Cry if You See It on an Airplane

Starring Everyone’s Polite British Grandpa, Jim Broadbent!

Land of Mine Is Explosive Filmmaking!

(It Is About Land Mines, You See.)

Things To Do Film: March 17-23

Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark, John Waters' Pink Flamingos, and More!

Crooks, Dicks, and Femme Fatales in Cinema 21’s Noir Series

Sixteen Black-and-White Crime Classics Come to Portland

Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart Reteam for Personal Shopper

The Shopping Is a Metaphor!
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