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A Landmark State Supreme Court Ruling May Not Be as Comprehensive as It Seemed

Prosecutors Still Going After Homeless People Who Ignore Cops’ Orders

Advocates Are Making Their Strongest Pitch Yet for New Homeless Villages

The City’s Top Architects Are on Board. Will It Matter?

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Hall Monitor: R2DToo, Rushed

The Essential Homeless Rest Area Is Blocked from Moving. Is There a Quick Fix?

Portland’s Homeless Shelters Might Soon Be Larger Than Ever Before

Under New Proposed Rules, They Could Also Be Closer Together

Hall Monitor: New Sheriff, Old Outlook

Does Mike Reese’s Stance on Camping Seem Familiar? It Should.

Taking the LEAD

Cops and Prosecutors Are Embracing a Radical Idea: Not Filing Drug Possession Cases

In Other News

Water Lawsuit! Impotent Shelter Outrage!

Should Portland Have a Safe Drug Injection Site?

As the Heroin Epidemic Grows Worse, People Are Finally Talking About It

Check Out This Great New Video About Hazelnut Grove

Where Candidates Stand: Homeless Camping

That Smoke Over The River Today Was A Homeless Camp Fire

The Birthplace of Homelessness

How Old Town Became Portland's Primary Homeless District
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