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A Town Deserving of Dumplings

Can XLB Provide Dumplings Worthy of Other West Coast Cities?

Taking the Leap with Tiffin Asha

From a Food Cart Space to a Destination Place

Wonder Women

Meet the Superheroines of Portland Food and Drink

Biwa Is Dead, Long Live Biwa

Longtime SE Standby Is Now An Upscale Izakaya and Casual Cocktail Bar

A Visit to Shawarma Square

A Single City Block in SW Portland Offers 10 Shawarma Food Carts

Eat This!

El Phorrito

A Former Duck Quarterback Walks Into A Bar

Joey Harrington’s Pearl Tavern Is Nearly A Touchdown

East Coast Counter Service Finds a Home in Figlia Americana

Grand Avenue's New Eatery Has Quite the Smorgasbord

More Illumination, Please

Lantern Is Good, But Not Quite Ready to Lead the Way

Pan Pizza Isn’t Square

Any Pizza Is Personal If You Try Hard Enough

Headwaters Is Bringing Haute Hotel Dining Back

Finicky Seas at Paley’s New Downtown Seafood-Forward Restaurant

Tips and Tricks for Kim Jong’s Smokehouse

How to Make the Most of Your Bowl

Delicious Décor

The Stories Behind Some of Portland’s Most Iconic Restaurant Interiors

The Merc Food Critic’s Personal Favorites

Where This Pro Eats on Her Own Time and Dime

Aim for Monday Nights at Deadshot

Holdfast’s Once-A-Week Bar Night Is Your Reason to Start the Week

Afuri’s High Concept, High Dollar Izakaya

Swank, Ambitious Japanese Outpost Is A New Chapter In Portland Dining

India by Way of Williams

Open Tandoor Brings Indian Food to Where It’s Sorely Needed

Jacqueline Rises to the Top

A Seafood Joint That Hat Tips Wes Anderson? Why Not?

Not Your Basic Rice Ball

Artisanal Spam And Soy-Spiked Grilled Snacks At Musubi

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Tusk

Super-Anticipated “Middle Eastern” Launch Comes Proper, Especially at Brunch

Eat This!

Soup Life

Give It Your Full Attention

Dame: All Natural Wine, Backed by a Thoughtful Kitchen

Hello, Hungary

Langosh, Goulash And Schnitzel at Hungaricana

Fashionably Forward

Is the Buzzy New Revelry Worth the Hype?

Honky Tonk Blues

New SE Division Tacos Have Big Backing; Little Delivery

Chungdam: Late Night Deep Korean Cuts

Cheesy Corn, K-Pop, Korean Fried Chicken and Silkworm Pupae on SE 82nd

Rue La La

Satisfying Small Plates In Buckman

Get Your Ass to Wild About Game

Nicky Farms’ Bash Is the Best Unknown Food Event of the Year

Pastrami Zombie Will Invade Your Brain

You Will Obsess Over These Smoky Sandwiches

Not Ready for Prime Time

Urdaneta Starts and Finishes Strong, But Is Weak in the Middle

Poke Mon Joins the Portland Poke Craze

We’re Behind the Curve, but Better Late Than Never

Black-Owned Restaurants Matter

Get Out, Eat, and Support Black-Owned Restaurants

Missing Burger Week? Try Six Days of Beef Ribs!

You Can Get Big, Beefy Ribs, But You’ve Gotta Know When to Go 

Fillmore Trattoria: Honest Italian-American Fare

It Won’t Win Any Awards for Trendiness, But It’s Got a Mean Red Sauce

Not Just Another Pad Thai Cart

Golden Triangle’s Laos and Cambodian Rarities Are a Find

Be Cool, Ramen, Be Cool

Everyone’s Favorite Winter Soup Gets a Summer Makeover

Bites to Remember

SuperBite Gives Downtown the Restaurant It Desperately Needs

Good Luck Not Eating Everything in Sight at the Addictive Hat Yai

Thai. Fried Chicken. Thai Fried Chicken! (And Curries! And Roti! And Spice!)

The Chirashi of Pause Japanese Bistro

Healthy, Super Tasty—and Available from a Cart

Is the New Chesa Worth the Early Accolades?

The Tapas Joint Has Been Getting a Lot of Buzz

Marukin's Miraculous Noodle Machine

Sides Aside, the Ramen Shop's Got You Covered

I Ate at All the Sushi Belts in Portland

And Lived to Tell You About It

The Charitable ChkChk Needs Work

But Their Heart Is in the Right Place

What’s Best at Wei Wei and Tam

A Chinese Slurpin' Safari in Sellwood

Besaw's Be Back!

The Beloved Longtime Brunch Favorite Isn't the Same—and That's Great

HunnyMilk's Brunch Is a $20 Delight

Pick Any Drink, a Sweet, and a Savory for a Delicious Flat Price

Pizza Jerk Pays Tribute to Parlors of Yore

Exploring Tommy Habetz's Inner Pizza Child

DarSalam's New Downtown Spot Is an Oasis

Come for Iraqi Cooking, Stay for the Service and Atmosphere at Lazurdi
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