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Why Too Much Poop in Portland’s Water’s Going to Cost Us Millions

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Some See That As Cause for Concern in a City That’s Seen Past Tragedy

Tracking Trump's "Tortured Syntax"

Portlanders Approved a Mammoth Schools Bond on Tuesday

And That’s Not All

Hall Monitor: Waiting Games

Would A Raise Have Solved Portland’s 911 Woes? Depends Who You Ask.

Get to Know an Anarchist

We Spoke with One of the Dozens of People Arrested on May Day

Will Trump Make Hanford More Dangerous Than It Already Is?

Crisis Averted?

A Brand New Mental Health Center Aims to Revolutionize Care in Portland. It Faces Dizzying Challenges.

A Landmark State Supreme Court Ruling May Not Be as Comprehensive as It Seemed

Prosecutors Still Going After Homeless People Who Ignore Cops’ Orders

Business Leaders Swore They’d Help Solve Oregon’s Massive Budget Hole

So Where Are They?

Hall Monitor: From the Pot Shop to the Cop Shop

Ted Wheeler Wants to Put Almost All Portland Pot Taxes into Police

Hanford Nuclear Site Evacuated Over Emergency

Portland's New Gas Tax Is Raking in More Than Expected

The Pepsi Generation

A May Day “Riot” Breaks Out After Police Cancel Permit Mid-March

It’s the Mercury’s Voter Cheat Sheet!

How to Vote on Portland’s Hottest Ballot Measures

Hall Monitor: The Best Budget Fights, A Preview

Ted Wheeler’s First Budget Is Largely Noncontroversial. Here Are Some Exceptions.

What You Need to Know About May Day 2017

City Hall's New Bag Checks Cost Nearly $190,000 Per Year

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