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Harry Reid Gives ’Em Hell

No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.

Why Protesting Trump Now Is So Important

Cops Helped A Massive Anti-Trump Protest Shut Down I-5 on Wednesday

Morning, News: Formerly Known as “Good Morning, News”

A Lot Went Wrong on Election Night

But Here’s What Happened In Local Races

“Replied the Scorpion, ‘It’s My Nature.’”

Portland’s Police Reform Effort Has a Problem

Its Citizen Advisers Say They’ve Been Abandoned

Local Activists Call Out Disparate Treatment After Controversial Bundy Acquittal

“We Would Have Been Shot,” A Don’t Shoot Portland Organizer Says

Hall Monitor—The Death of Terminal 1

Portland’s Bold, Flawed Mass Shelter Proposal Just Gave Way to the Status Quo

The Bundy Brothers Were Just Ruled Not Guilty

This is Why 2016 Has Been a Real Pain in the Ass

Prosecutors Say the Racist Who Ran Down Larnell Bruce “Cannot Be Rehabilitated”

He Was Let Off the Hook for a Violent Assault Just Last Year

Bullseye Glass Might Have Polluted Groundwater, Too

State Testing Suggests Nasty Metals Were Draining from its Roof for Decades

Hall Monitor: The Mayor’s Private Rap Session

City Employees Have Questions About the Police Union Contract, Too

It's Official: Terminal 1 Won't Become a Homeless Shelter

Don't Shoot Portland's Teressa Raiford Wants to be Sheriff

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Local Bars Might Sue the State Over Smoking Patios

The Portland Mercury Endorses: Sharon Meieran for Multnomah County Commission, District 1

The Portland Mercury Endorsement: Vote Yes on Measure 97

The Portland Mercury Endorses: Chloe Eudaly for City Commissioner, Position 4

The State Just Sneakily Outlawed A Bunch of Portland Smoking Patios

Some Bar Owners Say They Could Be Snuffed Out

The Portland Police Bureau Has Been Quietly Documenting Encounters with the Mentally Ill

Whoops! It Didn’t Tell Prosecutors or Defense Attorneys
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