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The Portland Arts Tax is Legal, State Supreme Court Finds

Local Prosecutors Are About to Scrap Secretive Grand Juries

It’s a Win For Transparency—But a Potential Headache for Public Defenders

The Arts Tax Is Broken

Now the City Might Tweak It Without Asking Voters

Hall Monitor: Wheeler’s Rosy Red Herrings

The Mayor’s Boosting a Highway Expansion, But Does He Have His Facts Straight?

Old Town Neighbors Are Fighting a New Homeless Shelter by Citing a Decades-Old Agreement

They Sort of Have a Point

Two States, One Chaotic Day

As Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Portland Antifa, a Confederate Flag-Adorned Truck Nearly Plows Through Them

Hall Monitor: Saltz’s Last Waltz

Facing a Stiff Challenge, Portland’s Longest Commissioner Is Hanging Up His Spurs

Oregon's $450 Million Plan to Widen I-5 Has Portlanders Preparing for War

But Can Activists Kill Another Highway Megaproject?

The County Just Instituted Strict Campaign Reforms

The Problem: There’s Still No Telling if They’re Legal

As A Wildfire Rages East of Portland One Thing Is Certain

The Gorge You Knew is Gone

Hundreds Gather in Downtown Portland to Rally Against Trump's DACA Decision

What DACA's Departure Means and How to Fight Back

The City’s Now Using “No Camping” Signs to Deter Campers from Parks

And It Might Be Working?

Hall Monitor: Back on Hoyt Street

Officials Are Eyeing an Old Town Warehouse for Shelter Space. Will This Time Be Different?

Trump Goes to Flooded Texas and Boasts About Crowd Size

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