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America Has Been Marinating in White Supremacy for Hundreds of Years

Trump’s Election Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

No, New York Times, I Will Not Give President Trump “a Chance”

Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Deserve a Chance

Not Marchin’, Just Plottin’

Preparing for the worst

Wondering What You Can Do? A Lot.

Here are Some Good Places to Start

Frank Cassano’s Imbecile Parade

Frank Cassano Asks, “Who’s to Blame for the 2016 Election?”

We Can’t Go On. We’ll Go On.

When You Feel Despair Coming On, Remember That You Live in Oregon

Why Protesting Trump Now Is So Important

The World is Watching

Why We March

No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance.

New Column!

A Message from the New President of the United States (of the Upside Down Place)

“Replied the Scorpion, ‘It’s My Nature.’”

This is Why 2016 Has Been a Real Pain in the Ass

Forcing the Issue: The Mercury’s 2016 Endorsements

You’ve Got A Bunch of Important Decisions To Make, Portland. Here's Some Help.

Paul Ryan Feels His Control of Congress Slipping Away

Twitter Reacts to the Second Presidential Debate

New Column!

Introducing Trump University’s Newest Class... The Art of Debate!

Is the Media Fair in Covering this Presidential Race, Wonders Media

Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does

What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?

Who's Leading Jill Stein In Texas Polls? Deez Nuts.

Rudy Giuliani Conveniently Forgets the Timing of 9/11

The POTUS Mix Tape Shows Us the "Real America"

Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart

It’s Time to Cheer Up About Hillary Clinton

Get with the Program, Gloomy Gus! She’s the Only Thing Standing Between Us and Donald Trump.

There's Now a Whole Book About Your Nice Dad Tim Kaine

Wrestling with the Republican Convention

Outside the Arena, the Heart of Cleveland Beats On
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