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"Not My Presidents" Day Marches and Events

Let's Talk About All the Lies Trump Told at His Press Conference Today

Upcoming Strikes In Portland: What You Should Know

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of February 15-21

Sleater-Kinney Are Playing the Hell No! Protest Show at the Crystal Ballroom

It Will Be Only Their Second Portland Show Since Reforming in 2014

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of February 8–14

Intimidation is Running Rampant in Trump-Era Portland

A Proposed New Program Would Help Communities Push Back

Today In Trump's Tongue Up Putin's Ass

Nordstrom Won't Be Selling Ivanka Trump's Clothing Anymore; SAD!

Drink Coffee, Help the ACLU

Four Years of This Shit

Protests, Punches, and Arrests in Trump’s First Days

Today's Protest Schedule: Tuesday, January 31

ITMFA Update

Indivisible Rally Today at Noon

Today in Protests: No Ban, No Wall Rally Downtown

#MuslimBan Protest Today (Sun Jan 29), 2 pm, at PDX Airport

New National Poll Reveals that Americans Think Trump Stinks

Believe in Science? Join the Scientists' March on Washington!

Police Blasted and Tear Gassed an Inauguration Day Protest

Now Demonstrators Are Crying Foul

The Inauguration Diaries

Four Days in the Nation’s Capital Dodging Tear Gas, Rabid Misogyny, and Casual Racism

Women's March Participants: Today, the Real Work Begins

Photos from Portland's MASSIVE Women's March

The Mercury’s Live Updates: Downtown Protest Scatters When Police Fire Flashbangs and Gas Grenades

Today's Portland Protest Schedule: Friday, Jan 20

Live from the Downtown "Anti-Betsy DeVos Walkout" Protest

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