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Crazy Exes in Annapurna

At Third Rail Rep, a Frustratingly Incomplete Look at Codependency

The Maids: Existential Desperation with a Dash of Dark Humor

Genet’s Social Critique Is Still Relevant in Public Citizen Theatre’s Debut

The Italian Girl in Algiers: Giving New Life to a 200-Plus-Year-Old Opera

New Twists on Old Stories in Portland Opera’s Season Finale

Dead People Problems

Weekend at Bernie’s Is a Vulgar Delight

Theater Has a Well-Documented Diversity Problem. One Local Company Has a Possible Solution.

For the Next Three Seasons, Profile Theatre Will Only Produce Plays by Women and People of Color.

Summerfest's Panic Attacks and Beautiful Fabrics

CoHo's Annual Festival Highlights Innovative Plays—with Minimal Shakespeare

Here Are Your 2016 Drammy Award Winners

See What Emerges at Risk/Reward

The Festival of New Performance Takes on Identity and Diaspora

Stupid Kids' Blood and Guts in High School

John C. Russell's Queer Youth Manifesto Still Resonates

Defunkt Theatre's Pagan Paean to... Theater

The Udmurts Is Too Self-Referential for Its Own Good

Grown-Up Toddlers & Tiaras in Francesca, Isabella, Margarita

A Pageant of Cringe-Comedy Antics at Imago Theatre

The Vanport Mosaic Festival Preserves the Past

The New Arts Festival Takes on Black History in Oregon

Allie Hankins' Art Machine

Stand-Up Meets Performance in Now Then

Portland's Improv and Sketch Comedy Scenes Are on the Verge of Something Big

Why Aren't More of Us Paying Attention?

Hawthorne Gets Its Noir Antiheroine Right

At Action/Adventure, Portland's Very Own Hard-Boiled Lady Detective

Peter and the Starcatcher's Cross-Dressing Mermaids and Stardust

Portland Playhouse Takes on Peter Pan—with Less Flying and More Swashbuckling!

#FUBAR's War Stories

Portland Veterans Speak Up in a New Storytelling Series

Love and Information in the Digital Age

Theatre Vertigo's Got Some Answers

The Highs and Lows of In the Heights

Stumptown Stages Puts on Lin-Manuel Miranda's Other Musical

Feeling the Overview Effect

Composer Tylor Neist Replicates an Astronaut's Return to Earth

Playwright Tanya Barfield Lets the Ghosts In

The Deceptive Simplicity of The Blue Door

Welcome to the Doll's House

Shaking the Tree revives Henrik Ibsen.

The Durational, Essential Dread of We Are Proud to Present

A History of Violence from Jackie Sibblies Drury

Sad Truckers and Newspaper Lifers in CoHo Productions' The Few

A 19-Year-Old Page Layout Technician is the Real Star of Sam Hunter's Play

The Return of Road House: The Play!

The Lady Aoi's Ghost of a Libido

Imago Theatre Casts Stylized Shadows on Yukio Mishima's Psychosexual Classic

No Man's Land: Catholic School Girls and Amy Heckerling Vibes

Remixing the Late '90s Teenage Zeitgeist at Action/Adventure Theatre

At Post5 Theatre, Tobias Andersen Makes a Riveting Mad King

And It's a Better King Lear Adaptation Than Fuller House!

The Troubling Familiarity of Mothers and Sons

Artist Repertory Theatre Reboots Terrance McNally—but Why?

Spring Is Coming

Prepare with the Mercury's Essential Guide to Arts and Culture

You for Me for You Makes Theater Relevant Again

At Portland Playhouse, Mia Chung's Surreal Take on North Korea

Dael Orlandersmith's Conversations with Dead People

In Forever, the Writer Takes Refuge in a Cemetery Full of Artists

Great Expectations Meets Expectations, Does Not Exceed Them

The Crazy Lady in the House with No Light Is Great, Though!

The Yellow Wallpaper Goes, Or I Do

CoHo Productions' Latest Gets Lost in its Own Madness

This Year's Fertile Ground Theater Fest is Here!

Best Bets for This Year's Fertile Ground

Fail Better, Think Global at the Theater Festival

Fertile Ground Preview: Faith Helma's Trial By Failure

Doomed Sailors and Gold Lamé

PETE's Riff on Moby Dick Shouldn't Work, But Does
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