Peterson's Survives


Woo Hoo! Suck on it Tom Potter!
But Brooks Brothers is an official sponsor of Mad Men.

It's never black and white is it Matt?

Brooks Brothers, inventors of the God-awful "sack" cut suit, is the bane of well-dressed men world-wide.

For this organization to complain about another retailer bringing down the calibre of the neighborhood is like "the pot calling the kettle black."

Even Nordstroms offers a superior selection of cuts, usually at a better price point. A true gentleman rarely if ever buys off the rack, and if he does, has an accomplished private tailor nip and tuck the garment to fit correctly. (Not the tailors on site in such stores.)

I remain your humble servant,

RE: Condition #2

No loosies!?! Dang it!
Matt: I'm sure this was on blogtown at some point, but I can't remember... did Leonard give a reason why he wasn't supporting Peterson's? I'd have expected him to.
I think Leonard thought it might be better to give Adams the publicity.
Word. Thanks, Matt, for your great coverage of this, and the role you played in keeping that store open. I've always been a supporter of Peterson's and I always will be.
Peterson's signed a good neighbor agreement back in '92 or '93, before such things were common, stating no malt liquors or fortified wines could be sold. Table wines from Spain or Australia are the strongest things you will find in his stores. Too bad for the Sparks/Tilt crowd; those (along with alcopops like Mike's Hard Lemonade) will no longer be available. Waah. Same for Milwaukie's Best.

What will be the new street drink of choice? Lagunitas? Arrogant Bastard? Oh wait, that's Brooks Brothers drink of choice.

Sales of single cigarettes were banned a year or so ago. They complied immediately. The clerks get panhandled for cigarettes all the time; now they have a legal reason to tell people to eff off!

Thanks to Matt and The Mercury for supporting Peterson's.
Cosmic Charles:

The drink of choice for the wearers of Brooks Brothers suits is forty year old scotch on the rocks or an over-rated, over-priced French vintage. With this they would have the lack of taste to smoke an over-priced, over-rated cigar. To men of this ilk, appearance is everything, substance nothing. They only way they know quality is by label and price. They drive Mercedes or BMW cars even though sophisticated drivers understand them to be deliberately overpriced in the United States.

i.e., wearers of Brooks Brothers clothing haven't the taste to drink Lagunitas, etc.

A small clarification,

"Brooks Brothers, inventors of the God-awful "sack" cut suit, is the bane of well-dressed men world-wide. "

Sorry, Jacomus. Hate away, but Brooks Brothers had nothing to do with the invention of the sack suit.
A Cat:

I offer three references as follows.

From "Then along came the famous Brooks' "sack" suit, called the Number One and popularly regarded by historians as the first genuinely American suit. A single-breasted and -vented suit, it was made to comfortably fit all body types with Brooks' signature sloped shoulder and soft, natural lines (1895)."

From Introduced about 1900, its standby "Number One Sack Suit" was loosely constructed, with straight-legged cuffed trousers and a three-button jacket that hung straight, without a tucked-in waist, and natural, unpadded shoulders.

And finally from the website of the company in question -- 1895 The Sack Suit - Brooks introduces The No. One sack suit. Regarded as the first genuinely American suit, and designed to fit all body types, the suit offers soft natural shoulders, a single-breasted jacket, and full, plain-front trousers.

I remain your humble servant,

"Brooks Brothers, inventors of the God-awful "sack" cut suit, is the bane of well-dressed men world-wide. "

Jacomus, your references say lots about the first American suit, very little (i.e. none) about the first sack suit. I'm not quite sure of the relevance. Thank you for the effort, however.