James Cameron Glowers, Angrily Crosses Arms Over Lack of 3-D Theaters.


Long on quotes, short on writing. If you take away that, what have you got? NOTHING, Matt Davis. NOTHING.
So, how many theaters in the Portland area support 3-D?
James Cameron. Hmm, let me try and remember who this guy is. Oh yeah, isn't he the dude who directed Terminator 2 and Titanic about 30 years ago? I like how Titanic made a billion dollars and Cameron just sort of checked out for the next 12 years and counting....or slipped into full-on tech geekdom, as it were.
Well, let's see. Lloyd Cinemas has at least one theater that's outfitted for it, and a bit farther out, Bridgeport Village and Clackamas Town Center do too. Also Cinetopia in Vancouver.

Also my apartment, but that's actually just me waving around Star Wars action figures in front of my TV and making "OoooOooOOOoo" sound effects.
Shit movies are shit movies. No visual effect can save them. Why don't they get this?