Have a Pepsi!


The mere existence of equal rights for homosexuals constitutes "promotion" in the minds of these nutbags, as if the very existence of an individual is pushing some sort of agenda. And talk about pushing agendas. It's fine to harass people into accepting Christ as their savior but telling someone that they're just fine the way they are is apparently not. Tyranny of the majority indeed.
plus Pepsi's new logo is basically just the Obama O.

I was wondering why Republicans weren't more upset about that and then I discovered this great pro-gun, anti-"Barack SADAM HUSSEIN Obama" internet forum:

Oh god damn it. I really love diet coke.

Like really, really, for reals love it.

Damn it.
You know the EP in pEPsi is supposed to be an erect (albeit tiny?) Penis???
Some religious moron says so on the interwebz - so I believe it.
Also search "Plastic Pepsi Penis" for some larfs.