Chappelle in Pioneer Square


sad?! it was amazing. the twitterverse in action!
No it's sad all right. Twitter is sad and this many idle people is sad and this much hollow celebrity-worship is sad. I like Dave Chappelle too but, I mean...
This is a great summary.
Spoiled children use their toys to gather in hopes of being entertained for free, only to have it end up being completely devoid of content or worth, then they use their toys to pat themselves on the back about it and document the nothingness.
A fitting metaphor of our times.
That was not Alison's assertion. That was her quoting our site after I emailed and called them at 2PM yesterday.

The email from the Square is copy/pasted there.

Just sayin...
i went. it was fun. i don't twitter, i saw it here first.
"The imagined and ripe meta trick would've been something to remember, despite our being the punch line."

This is the worst editorial piece I've ever read. Last night's event wasn't about you and your "clever" wordplay. It was about the greatest comedian of our time, possibly ever, treating fans to a once in lifetime opportunity. Get over yourself.
I agree with RocketSauce. It was a bubbly, spontaneous atmosphere that grew via word of mouth and I had fun. The fact that you couldn't hear him was a little disappointing but enough with the pessimistic attitude. On a side note, I found the crowd to be from a demographic representative of the U.S. overall with an average age of around 23. Rock on Dave and Portland!