Ye Olde iPad, Video Games, And Absolutely No Tampon Jokes


Well, it's bigger than a Nintendo DS so I might actually play games on it.

Mythril. Awesome.
The games might be less than $60, too.
This is a wonderful return to form. Glad to see you hopped off the "pissining on hippies" train.
This article is the sound of Earnest "Nex" Cavalli furiously masturbating his vocabulary.
Son, you don't "masturbate a vocabulary!"

You make sweet love to it.
"Spinning up"? Are you sure you didn't mean hard drives, Nex? Cuz they're somewhat different from drivetrains.
Hey meow, I won't claim to have spent four years working at a Firestone service center -- such efforts might mar my manicured digits, or muss my impeccable coif -- but I'm pretty sure the drivetrain contains at least one part designed specifically to spin or rotate or revolve, right?

My mental picture of this metaphor had the sudden grinding reversal of this spinning action much too loud for a simple hard drive. Think: driving along, brakes lock up, metal shears off the undercarriage, tires burst from their housings like so many angry bees (four, I suppose), and the entire car explodes for absolutely no reason.

Did I explain that I was mighty sleep deprived when I wrote this whole thing?