This will be perfect (purrrrrrfect?) for Mittens R. Murrow, the official Mercury office cat. This way we can bring him home every night.

"Men don't make passes at girls that are cat pack-less"
-D. Parker
"Like tattoo-wearing people: I like attention. Please look at me with my furry animal. Be my friend."
That backpack's awesomeness runs the gamut from A to KITTTEHHHHSS!!!!1111
i wont one
Maybe I've lived here too long, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.
It depends on if it's a bonafide, someone paid to have this maid, CatPack, or if it's just a laundry hamper with straps.
It's great fun calling the cops and telling them you got mugged and the thugs took your cat.
Goddamn hipsters. This is equally if not more atrocious than dog purses for your teacup poodle/oversized rat abomination. Get the fuck out of here.
It's well known that cats love the following:

1. Being bounced around with no control of its own
2. Traveling
3. People prodding at them

As such, I like this idea.

Wait, most cats hate all that stuff and there's absolutely no reason to put them through that other than to show the world that you have one of the world's most common types of domesticated animals at your disposal.

I condemn thee.
I love it! I bet I can fit at least half a dozen cats in mine! $5 says I can fit more than you.
CONDEM! See you all in hell!
Condemn! Surely we can find cheaper and more environmentally friendly ways to annoy the cat. Was this bag handmade from re-purposed materials? If so, I might reconsider.
I see it being infinitely useful while walking to the vet. Has anybody here had to drag a carrier with dog/cat in tow?
Apparently not.
Also: it would comply with the Trimet rules about keeping animals in carriers.
How are people allowing this!!!!!!!!

Just be a traditional cat person weirdo and walk your cat on a leash.
Where are my photos of my uncle's protohipster friend backpacking with a cat atop his pack (and/or hanging off)? This was back in the early '80s. I'll have to dig for them tonight in the archives...
I support cats going places. Also, since I have a small dog (smaller than most cats), I see the value of having one of these for my dog.
It looks like up in Washington cats like to collect backpacks:
Was AH first in line to buy one?
Am pretty sure that one of my Cats, the one who likes fondling around with the playstation controls and doesn´t jump on things and sleeps all day and acts like a dog would love a small get around the town, sight seeing. I guess.

If some street dog jumps on my back and tries to chew on the cattie back pack, I would have to apply my street smarts, or it will get eaten, chewed. I would allow thee after my first try. I think it`s awesome.

(**New responsibility - eeeeeewkkkk - : "Hey, have you taken your Cat for a ride today???") . hehe
Umm... to all the people condemning this or calling it 'hipster'... you do realize it's just a different way of putting handles onto a cat carrier right? Cat carriers which are used for, oh, let's say... taking your cat to the vet?! Nothing condemnable about that at all. And considering cats weigh commonly 12-20 pounds... it's really painful to walk around forever with a small single strap on your shoulder and your cat dangling on your hip.
Thank you, Bruce Wang.
What is wrong with you douche bags??
No, well, I was thinking seriously my idea of taking my cat "for a walk". Poor apt. being doesn`t know what the outside world looks like.
My sister has been doing this in downtown Portland for about 10 years. Didn't realize it WASN'T a thing.