Listen to Mayor Sam Adams Hang Up on Lars Larson


Did you really just call Lars Larson ugly? Considering the countless other ways you could have criticized him? That's the kind of unprofessional behavior that I'd expect from somebody like... Lars Larson.
Wow. Our mayor is a badass.
Great job, Mayor Adams! Larson is an ignorant punk.
Great recruitment tool for gangs.
Larson is a idiot, but lowering the flag for kids killed banging is a mistake.
There are many more people much more deserving of that honor.
This is not to say the kid losing his life isn't a tragedy.
I love this: "Well, I am mayor of my critics." "Oh, I live in Vancouver."

Thank you, Sam! I support you 100%. Larson is a disgusting human being and contributes nothing positive to this world.
Just finished listening to it. Clappity clappity, Sam Adams! Good job. Lars Larson is a disgusting slimeball.
I applaud Mayor Adams for his stance but wish he could have kept it together long enough to have finished the interview. I hate that Larsen got the better of Adams enough that Adams hung up on him....
Lars Larson is one of those monkeys that you wind up that bangs cymbals together. And that's all he'll ever be.
Call me, Lars! I want to hang up on you too.
So, Sam Adams wins the popularity contest over Lars Larson. Shit, even I agree with that.
But it doesn't seem many here are discussing actually lowering the flag for a gang kid.
This is what we should be talking about.
Why is Adams being praised for this? He should have been smart enough not to waste his time with Lars in the first place. Tom Potter didn't.
The mayor choked. He had an opportunity to say something like: "I can appriciate your point but I look at it like this. We lower the flag whenever a Portland youth is murdered. No this was not the origional intent of this policy, to lower the flag for someone involved in gangs, for someone with a violent history. But I look at it as the symbolic gesture it is intended to be, a child in our city lost their life. The city should be willing to take a moment and reflect on what we as a community are doing to prevent this type of thing." Instead the mayor acts like that! Have some composure! Seriously answer the question that way and you get the win instead you come across like you did. Fail!

I'm usually a bystander secretly entertained by the locally famous commenters here but I can't stand silent this time.

Here's a question: So do young patriotic all american boys that sign up for the military motivated by the opportunity to take out a towel head or two (as they would likely put it), deserve the honor?

Point being those we honor with the flag, we often make the assumption that these individuals were all selfless patriots. You know as well as everyone else with a notion of how insecurity drives the ego that soldiers can be complete evil dicks just like the police.

It is only fair to believe that that same tired assumptions apply to young "thug" teens as well. We may be drawn to view them through a negative lens with idiots like Lars painting them as completely bad. Being that I'm NOT A TROLL, I have to assume that there are good traits belonging to some of the worst characters out there deserving of recognition in face of overwhelming adversity.

That said, who is to judge who deserves the half staff flag anyway? All that interests me in this debate is how carried away we get with our beliefs and meaningless rituals. Thanks to you and Lars, we've lost a piece of the most important point to address. How do we go about taking appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate gang violence in youths as young as this boy was?

That is all.
Why attack the military in the context of lowering the flag anyway? I think you are making some grossly unfair assumptions on the part of the women and men that make up the military. But anyway...concerning this topic...
I think that kids seeing another gang kid getting honored for getting shot is sending the complete wrong message. I understand the motive - and maybe the kid would have turned his life around.
But essentially we are helping to glorify the gang lifestyle in the eyes of these kids.
I made a simple comparison with the respect to our assumptions we make about people WE DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW with respect to character. What other group besides the military begs me to argue your point as we rarely lower it for anyone outside of those in service or in politics? You are making it clear that by some arbitrary standard you and those with authority can judge who is deemed worthy of a meaningless ritual...based upon assumptions. That is black and white thinking. Sam Adams made the fine point of highlighting the struggles youth face as well as those who are truly honorable by trying to help. That should be the focus of discussion. Whether or not using the flag as a symbol of this child's struggles was appropriate is moot in my opinion. He at least reignited a conversation worth having and weeded out the trolls from those who actually have a sense of optimism.
@observingportland: you said what I was feeling better than I said it. Missed opportunity there. ANYbody can get in Lars Larson's face or let them have their buttons pushed by him. That's easy. A better response would have been to own why Portlanders care about this kid.
What you consider moot is in fact the point of this discussion.
OK fair enough. Give me some slack. It's midnight where I'm at and I've been drinking Frosty Jack's cider since 6pm. That however does not change my point that the debate should not be focused solely on where the flag sits on the pole. I'm merely trying to highlight the ridiculousness of focusing on this flag debate when people's lives are being effected in REAL ways.
Which brings up a different point - if you are over in England or Europe, what the hell are you doing on-line saturday night at midnight.
Something is wrong with that.
"Diana Baxter said she saw her teenage son, Julio C. Marquez, getting "brainwashed" by other kids involved in gangs. She urged him not to wear certain clothes, and wanted him to be home by 10 p.m. each night. A Spanish-speaking juvenile counselor also tried, talking to Julio like a dad, telling him that their heritage wasn't about gang-banging. "…

Walks with gang-bangers, talks like gang-bangers, acts like gang-bangers, must be a gang-banger.

Who knows, maybe Sam was angry because he really just cares so darn much for young boys?
Why does Mayor Adams even acknowledge Lars Larson? Republicans don't give interviews to the Socialist Worker nor did they legitimize the likes of Hunter S. Thompson - why do Democrats feel the need to get interviewed by FOX News and legitimize Lars Larson?

He's going to attack anything, no matter how idiotic, why not just debate a rock? Better yet, don't give them any ammunition and ignore them - they'll regurgitate the same Black Hundred garbage whether you choose to be a punching bag or not.
I didn't have a social life in PDX, why should I all of a sudden start having one here in Liverpool? Scousers can be annoying.
You can bet yer ass when I was over in London or living in Germany, you wouldn't find me huddled over a laptop on a saturday night!
I pity you!
(but wish I was there, of course)
4 minutes and 25 seconds: I like the Sam Adams chuckle.
As a former mentor for teens in gangs, and as an ex-gang member, I wouldn't say the flag sends the wrong message to kids. It's more about raising awareness to a serious problem in our society, particularly with low-income families- regardless of race. Gang violence is only going to get worse in Oregon- unless we get communities to work together, reach out and change things. If lowering a flag gets people to talk and think about these issues, rather than ignore them - there is honor and respect in that.
There is honor and respect given with a lowered flag. But these elements of society are not deserving of it.
I know that sounds harsh, but it also demeans the whole lowering of the flag for any other reason.
Yes, any time a kid is dies it is tragic. Of course.
But other kids will see this in an almost romantic way - 'look at what they are doing for johnny'. You know how kids do.
And I often question the idea that these gang outreach programs are effective or not. I wonder if for every banger you talk out of it whether you draw another into it. The forbidden and mysterious always attract teens. Same with drugs, you can say 'no,don't do it' but does it work?
There is a fine line to walk here between greiving the loss of a young boy (whose parents I mostly fault) and publicly honoring a gangster.
I'm surprised this debate is even taking place really.
Anytime you put Lars Larson up against Sam Adams in the court of public opinion, Sam will come out on top. He knows that. That may be why he went on in the first place.
But as coarse as he is, how rather rudely he attacks those he disagrees with, Lars Larson was correct.
I just left a Lars Larson in my toilet that took two flushes to go down.
The kid was an eight grader. Suck a bag of dicks, frankieb.
I believe we do a disservice to the community when we choose to honor those who have shown through words and actions to be antisocial and a detriment to polite society. Honor a kid for escaping the gang life and doing positive things for the community. Give children a positive influence to emulate, not the dregs of our society.

One could almost support the half staff decision IF it were combined with a very strong message encouraging kids to NOT follow this kid's example. Alas, beyond Lars Larson, the local media avoided anything relating to the truth and focused only on the tragedy. How can we evolve as a society if we ignore the truth about what is actually happening? The only lesson imparted to our children is that going down in a blaze of gunfire will get your name all over the news & the flag flown at half staff. More than any member of the military can expect after laying down their life defending the life and liberty of 300 million Americans. Great lesson.
A flag flown at half-staff indicates the community is in mourning. Gang violence killing kids is worth mourning.