KGW Employee Goes In-Depth On Old Town Poop for Vice


As an employee of a (great) company headquartered in Old Town, I can attest that street pooping, urinating, and being high as shit is (without question) de rigueur for Old Towners.

I agree: I've never seen human shit on the sidewalk; that is, it's the parking lots where I find myself dodging it when getting out of my car in the morning.

Actually, a few months ago I caught a man shitting in the corner of the 4th and Everett parking garage. Thankfully, it was like two cars down from my Acura. I feel for whoever owns that white VW wagon, though. The defecating gentleman used it to prop himself up for the act. Sucks when you're too drunk to shit straight, right?
To be fair, the Merc never has substantive discussion about how the situation might be changed or improved either. Just endlessly professing how much you "care" about homeless people, and implying that "someone" really ought to do "something."
Oh, Blabby. "Never" is such a wrong word.…
I've never seen shit on the sidewalk in Old Town, but NW 23rd and surrounds always smells like dog poop to me. To each their own (excrement).
I have lived in old town, I have worked in old town... and honestly, I have seen poop more often in downtown than in old town. pee, sure, you see a lot of pee, but not so much poop.
I saw poop once in the parking lot at SW 11th and Main.
I definitely have noticed this problem too. (It's crazy how much more grossed out I am to almost step in human waste vs animal.) Do the public loos close at a certain time? If so, and they can't be open later, maybe a Honey Pot would help? Maybe in the more industrial areas, closer to the river? I really can't imagine going on the sidewalk is preferred... o_O
I love how Kells is upset about that guy that pooped that time, months ago --yet seems unconcerned with the dozens of lovely loads of puke, EVERY night, deposited by their wonderful patrons throughout downtown.
First, thanks for informing us of inequality in your reporting Dirk VanderHart. The first step to solving any problem is recognizing it first. Mr. Erik Berglund i think i met you once,,i'll just say...your into data? I think your work is a big part of the spirit of Portland. Good Job. And to Blabby and those concerned, i have a solution that benefits every one. If interested email me at Especially Mr. Erik Berglund, and Dirk VanderHart. Thank you. Oh! and if you lived on the streets and pooped on the sidewalk....would you want me to say...hey bro your not doin well at all. Come on, i have a small building out back you can stay in and i have food, and we going to get you well agaiin and treatment if needed. And if im there doing that on the streets, for GOD SAKE HELP ME! hehe for real, we are all brothers.
^^ wtf is this incoherent bullshit. Also Euphonius I heart you almost as much as I hate Kells.
The Loos are open all night every night, all day every day.…
If you wait an hour in line for donuts, you deserve to see somebody shit. You deserve to see somebody walk out of that porn theater with a 1980s movie hooker.
@Dennis. Have you ever used a Loo? They are either locked or trashed.