To the Woman Dating My Husband


A bit of advice, lady:

Instead of writing some IA for which the [intended] person might or might not see, maybe you should just kick this trollop's ass. And kick your husband's ass, while you're at it. If HE's still worth hanging on to, give him an iron-clad ultimatum: NO MORE GIRLFRIENDS ON YOUR DIME!

Honey, if you don't do these things, you're not serious about salvaging your marriage.
Hey, if your hubby is preoccupied, are you available?

We'll show them.
As expected, it seems harder to divorce crazy than to marry it in the first place.
Wait, so she should leave your husband because he's unfaithful to her? By that logic, shouldn't you also leave him? You need to pull together a shred or two of dignity.
Good lord this letter is demented. You married folks are truly the most warped and unhappy people in this town.
This I,A makes me want to run naked through a car wash to try to scrub the sick/stupid off.

Honestly, seriously, Anonymous, mass suicide may be your best option.

This is one of the creepiest IAs I've read in years.
IA... you should have mentioned where you live, so i can stay a 5 mile radius outside of it.
Way to misdirect the blame. The adultress has very little invested in your husband beyond sex. You should be blaming your husband for not keeping his pecker in his pants. Please seek therapy.
English: not necessarily the first language, eh?
Pretty much what was said above. Why would you want this person back after being disrespected that way?
A few words of advice: you cannot change other people's behavior. They are either worth associating with as they are, or they are not worth associating with at all. The only thing less effective than asking a person to change their behavior is asking the world to change someone else's behavior for you.

Best of luck.
What's that annoying question that Dr Phil is so famous for asking? "Is that working for you?"
Shouldn't you have and feel true love before getting married? You're right about one thing, a women should never over look a marriage. A husband should also never over look his wife, if it's really true love. Cheers to a better 2013 to you, I'm sure she'll go away after reading this.
I can't help but notice a few things regarding your predicament. First, you mention that your husband placates his mistress with "dishonesty". Is he lying to her and claiming that the two you are in the process of separation? If that's the case, then how can you assume that he's being entirely honest with you; the fact that he has a mistress is indicative of the fact that his committment to you is less than wholehearted. You also mentioned his "narcissistic disorder"; is this an educated guess on your part, based on your observations of his personality and character or is it a professional diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? In either event, if your husband is indeed a narcissistic personality, then I would respectfully suggest that this is not the last time he's going to end up indulging in this kind of behavior, nor does he likely feel the "grip of shame", because a narcissist feels very little outside of what feeds their own egomania - he may simply be telling you that in order to placate you. The trust that was in your marriage is broken - hopefully, not irreparably, but it is damaged nonetheless and once a trust is broken, it takes a great deal of time for it to come back. I wish you the best in this New Year, and I hope that things work out for you.
Kind of think this one's directed at me (except I know the divorce papers have been filed, thank god, although he and I are not bf/gf at all.)

I'm pretty sure I fucked your husband in your own bed when you weren't in town, blew him on the back patio, and then passed out in your backyard afterward (it was summertime) and snuck out the back door at 6am after the sun rose.

Thanks for saving me the hassle of writing my own IA about YOU. And, uh, Happy 2013. To more direct communication!