First Dates Suck


You did the right thing. Better than saying OK and then sulking during the "date." If so-and-so can't ditch the posse for even an hour or two, bad sign.
I'm curious if Anon really texted back "take a hike" or something else. Either way, what a ridiculous request from the guy. Talk about socially maladjusted, I think you were spared one incredibly awkward and unsatisfying date night. Lucky!
So, no date for the prom?
your mistake was the facebook friending. the person probably saw your recent Likes (Chik-Fil-A, Dr Bronner's) which made them want a chaperone
Did you meet in a World of Warcraft guild or something? Why are you facebook friends before you've even met?
Maybe he just has really bad communication skills. What he should have said is, "Hey, can I bring my SEXY friend on our kinky date so we can both show you a real classy time."