Thanks for the Smiles


did i get lost in the i saw u section??
Love how you slid in a random Sarah Mirk diss in such an innocent little Amelie of a letter.
Whoa you don't like S. Mirk?
Fuuuuuuuck you dude!
No one should ever smile at a SMirk-hater.
My grandpa would kick your ass if he heard you talking about Sarah like that.
Fuck. Sarah. Mirk.…

She wrote this about people I knew, but without any of the relevant facts. Thanks for twisting the death actual people to fit your agenda! This certainly made their friends and relations feel SOOOO much better. Asshole.
This was a pleasant I, Anonymous. You should say hi to the old guy (you might have said you do that but I glossed over about 2/3 of this).
Welp, now I'm never smiling again, jerk.
Uh oh, looks like we've got some Merc. staff up in here.

Add that to my list of things that fail to surprise me.

Seriously though, zero fact checking. But what do you expect from a paper they can't sell for money?
That link does not work. What are you referring to?
Oh I see, they shortened AND didn't autolink. Very sneaky. Search the Merc for "Getting away with it" Subtitle: Want to kill someone in Oregon? Use your car.

Totally non-factual account of how Lindsay and Jessica were killed - totally by accident, but if you're going to blame someone, blame the trimet driver who gestured them into oncoming traffic which his bus was blocking their view of (while blocking said traffic's view of the pedestrians waiting on the corner). Oh wait, you can't, cause that's not in Mirk's account of the story.
I have felt this way before when the cool kids were "not talking" about something I felt left out of. Thanks merc for making me young again!

Pretty sure links don't work unless they're the last thing in your comment.....let's try.

blah, blah, blah, blah...
or not.

(could've sworn that was the case when i last included a link in the middle of one of my comments...)
Well, anyway, i highly doubt the Mercury is trying to censor you here by not auto-linking -- there's a logical explanation for it, i'm sure.

It sounds like it was an absolutely horrible situation for everyone, including you. I'm sorry you and your friends (and everybody else touched by the incident) had to go through such a thing.

I just perused a few articles about the incident, but didn't find anything about the TriMet driver signaling for them to cross. Regardless, this seems like one of those situations where no one is entirely at fault -- just extremely bad, tragic 'luck'.

But do you really think Sarah had ulterior motives and/or was withholding pertinent information in order to further her "agenda"?? C'mon. I don't know her, but i kind of doubt she is "asshole" enough to pull anything of the sort. And if more facts came to light after her article was published, surely she would've updated/corrected it.
The most common problem with posting links here is that if you EDIT your comment, that disables the link. Not sure why. And that's my guess as to what happened.
No, I wouldn't say ulterior motives exactly... mostly uninformed and tacky. Likewise, I thought they'd just disabled links in general. Not for me personally. Though a stoner, I am not quite that paranoid.

In retrospect my tone probably comes across as angrier than I actually am at this point. I thought referring to what had been generally considered to be an accident as murder was in really bad taste, and not beneficial to anyone. Basically this thread just reminded me of an article that pissed me off several years ago... oops!

Thanks Todd, that is very likely exactly what happened.
Alright then -- back to talking about SMILES, goddamnit. Isn't it nice to take a two-and-a-half-minute break from all of the horror and vanity and dissension and hate that we usually read of every once in a while?

(Look what you've done, I,A. Just look at what you've done. All of this because of an ill-considered, misplaced jab at a former reporter. Shame on you, you smile-taking-but-not-appropriately-returning jerknose. Way to poop diarrhea on an otherwise uplifting and awww-inspiring 'rant'. Now go to your room and think about what you've done, godfuckingdamnit.)
@forwhomthebelltrolls, ok thank you, I remember that piece.
I'm glad Mirk is gone too; she was dreadful.