Bubba New is Dead


By the way it sounds, you DEFINITELY didn't dig enough before taking a dump in a public park. Gross, dude. You're officially uninvited to my camping trip.
Thanks for shitting on someone's gravesite
Asses to ashes, dust to dookie.
Blows Duking, Bubba New is a someone? now we have a story!
Gross and nasty. You have some issues that few can relate to.
That's like breaking a mirror. Five months of chronic constipation coming your way, dude.
Bubba new's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan...it spun in...there were no survivors...

...and then they buried him/her/whatever in a shallow grave in Forest Park, which you later shat upon.
Remember this next time the NIMBY assholes who treat Forest Park like a privately managed resource claim it's a "pristine, untouched wonderland of diversity and fragile ecosystems" blah blah blah.

Yes, a new mountain bike trail might disturb the rusty old washing machines and homeless campers
You are such a deep stinker!! How long did you ponder the likelihood of an infant son animal or human dying in a year and a day as you shit on his grave? I hope at the chosen time your'e buried in that same squatting stance with a maple leaf stuck to your ass.
Dog will hunt! Dog will hunt!