Hot Dog


this I,A has been sitting here by itself for hours and nobody has done anything about it. Doesn't anybody care?
Damn, I thought this was going to be about lips and assholes
Is this first hand knowledge? So animal control is understaffed and the community thinks this is fine? If you think the animal is in danger of dying you can call the police? The police are the only ones that can check the dog or cat out, and they break the window?

I will next time call the police, and take my chances of breaking the law if they do not respond in a reasonable time. I will draw a big crowd by asking anyone that passes by to witness me breaking a window when an animal is in danger.
Thanks for your update on the situation here. Something else to be aware of. People like the ones that bring their pets places and leave them in vehicles are the same ones that forget their child in a hot car.

Leave water in the car for your pet like ice cubes, they melt slowly. It's not a Chia Pet. If you see a pet in danger, cause a scene. There is always someone around to help.
First hand knowledge, this works every time. When the police finally arrives, it is an unspoken law-Don't tell who broke the window. The fire department has a bunch of people that are wonderful to call. Just an FYI!
FACT: I know what's best for your pets / children.

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Call the cops and in the mean time, flood the person's car with water to cool the pup off.
Hard to say who the bigger asshole is here. Nosy people