It's fun to eat cannabis infused edibles. It's even more fun when the edibles you're scarfing benefit a worthy cause.

Periodic Edibles, a Portland producer of cannabis caramels, has started a great new program in which a limited run of 1,000 Sea Salt Caramels with 15mg of THC are available at select dispensaries. The caramels, dubbed "One," benefit the Q Center, a safe space for the LGBTQ community. And a sell-out of these will raise $3,500 for the Q Center to pay for staffing and space.

There are a striking number of similarities between the LGBTQ and cannabis communities. Periodic Edibles owner Wayne Schwind and Q Center executive co-director Justin Pabalate agree. "They’re like a parallel to the green stripe in our rainbow,” Pabalate says in a press release. “We both face stigma, we both face frustration when the reaction to our groups is emotional rather than based in science. In the LGBTQ community that means we have things like blood donation bans, based solely on fear. In the cannabis world, fear is used to put a disproportionate number of minorities in jail. We need to break that stigma and break down those silos of thought.”

Numerous dispensaries are participating, although I would send you to Panacea Dispensary (6714 NE Sandy), as they have the greatest connection to the LGBTQ community in Portland of which I am aware. Other participating dispensaries include Mind Rite (1780 NW Marshall), and Oregon Grown (332 SE 82nd), and Westside Wellness (18924 SW Shaw, Aloha).

A full listing of retail establishments which carry them can be found on Periodic Edibles' website.