Did you all see the thing on the TV today? Yeah. That. It was confusing, bizarre, surreal, and totally disconnected from truth, logic, science, and human values.

Here's a thing that was on TV last night, and it's all of those things, too, but in a GOOD way! Bob Odenkirk went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and this weird bit of comic brilliance ensued. I promise, it's just the sort of ridiculous thing you need right now.

This plays like a lost Mr. Show sketch, and that's just about the highest praise I can give anything.

Odenkirk's new movie Girlfriend's Day just went up this week on Netflix, and his excellent show Better Call Saul—which still astonishes me how good it is—kicks off the third season on AMC on April 10. Meanwhile, Colbert has recently overtaken Jimmy Fallon in the ratings, which is good news for Colbert, and bad news if you like twerps in suits lobbing softball questions to presidential psychopaths then amiably mussing up their hair.