Good morning! I'm sick.

Doug Brown

Mayor Ted Wheeler, doing away with niceties, announced yesterday he'll be managing the city's 911 system going forward. That means Wheeler won't give the troubled Bureau of Emergency Communications back to Commissioner Amanda Fritz. And in a particularly striking development, Wheeler won't give Fritz anything to replace it. She's now the parks commissioner and the parks commissioner alone—not a small job, to be sure, but less than others in the building have on their plates.

Did Russia kill the leader of ISIS last month? The country is saying maybe.

Good news: As expected, Oregon's become the first state to shed the gender binary on state-issued IDs. People who don't identify as male or female can now choose an 'X' designation.

Right-wing Vancouverite Joey Gibson and his rolling Patriot Prayer junk show decided to go taunt ultra-liberal Evergreen State College in Olympia yesterday. Gibson was struck with a can.

Yeesh. Trump's now turned on Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Also: Trump's tapped his son's wedding planner, who touts a nonexistent law degree on her LinkedIn page, to run federal housing policies for New York and New Jersey.

And in case there was any doubt, analysts call Trump's idea to sell off the vast assets of the Bonneville Power Administration a terrible idea.


Interesting developments up in Seattle. A day after one of the men accusing him of sexual abuse dropped a civil suit (maybe temporarily), Mayor Ed Murray says he might run a write-in campaign. Murray didn't file to run a formal campaign for re-election amid the firestorm of accusations. He now says he's been vindicated.

Nike is slashing 2 percent of its workforce in some scheme or another.

And Amazon is snapping up Whole Foods, whatever that's about.

We wrote this week about the push and pull over renter protections in Salem. The Trib has a piece that shows things from a slightly different angle.

Also in Salem, the House has given the okay to a $550 million tax plan aimed at covering predicted increased in Medicaid costs (the feds have been covering all of our Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act but that's about to change). The plan still has to pass the senate and win over Gov. Kate Brown.