GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! When the war has took its part, when the world has dealt its cards. If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Let's start the day with a reminder that our current president is a white supremacist sympathizer—at the very least. Yesterday Trump exposed even more of his dark, horrible heart when he blurted out his true feelings about what went down in Charlottesville. To wit: Laying equal blame for the rally's violent deaths on the doorstep of anti-racist protesters, supporting the white supremacists' goal of protecting racist Confederate statues, and claiming that some on the neo-Nazi side were "very fine people." White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stood nearby the president during the rant, looking like his life was over, and almost immediately the condemnations from all sides (except from white supremacists, who were pretty psyched) came pouring in.

Today marks the memorial service for Heather Heyer, the woman killed by a car driven by an alt-right marcher in Charlottesville.

Meanwhile business leaders on Trump's advisory panel are dropping like flies (realizing they should have never hitched their wagons to our racist president in the first place). Oh, and despite their CEO's sudden and convenient change of heart, make no mistake: Under Armour still SUCKS.

While some on Trump's staff were reportedly mortified by the president's racist-supporting remarks, guess who was super thrilled? Yup, Steve Bannon.

Crowds celebrated as Baltimore took down all of their Confederate statues in the middle of the night.

A woman has been arrested and charged with felonies in Durham, NC for her part in allegedly helping tear down a Confederate soldier statue.

"Free speech" rallies planned by neo-Nazis at various Google locations have been canceled because of fear of violence from "left-wing terrorists." HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA! Snowflakes.

Oregon governor Kate Brown held a press conference yesterday to let everybody know that they are "more than prepared" to deal with the roughly 1 million people who will flock to the totality zone to see Monday's eclipse. (Am I alone in feeling that I am already SO FUCKING SICK of the eclipse?)

Now let's check the WEATHER, shall we? Expect a near perfect sunny day with a high of 80.

And finally, Seth Meyers does his best to break down the CRAZY of Trump's speech yesterday.