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Yesterday's terror attacks in Spain didn't end with a van plowing into throngs of pedestrians in Barcelona's most touristy district. Overnight, five men emerged with knives from an Audi that struck seven people in another coastal town, but were killed by police before they could inflict more damage. A separate explosion is also being linked, in what authorities are saying is a large terrorist cell in the country. Fourteen people have died so far, with dozens more injured.

You will be shocked to learn the president is spreading falsehoods after the attack.

ICYMI: City Commissioner Nick Fish announced yesterday he was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Fish also went on KGW to discuss the diagnosis, and his plans to keep working. He's received an outpouring of support from all sides. We wish him the best.

The Merc's Doug Brown reports that a 53-year-old white Portland man is accused of screaming racial epithets at two Black people on the MAX earlier this week. It's disgusting (alleged) behavior any time, but obviously of particular concern following the slaying of two men on the MAX by white supremacist Jeremy Christian in May, and the recent events in Charlottesville, Va.

Speaking of Jeremy Christian, the day before the MAX murders, he's alleged to have assaulted a woman of color on the MAX. That woman, Demetria Hester, plans to speak out this morning. She believes police should have done more to curb Christian's violent and racist activity before tragedy struck.

You should read the O's deep dive into how Portland Public Schools failed, again and again and again, to take seriously the claims of female students who said they'd been harassed/assaulted by a PPS teacher. It's a disgraceful case.

There's a protest today. Or anyway, there's a demonstration in solidarity with Charlottesville planned on Portland's waterfront by the group Portland's Resistance. It's the first post-Mike Marshman event of the Trump era, and police say they're going to take a hands-off approach.

Here's a disturbing story about sexual lubricants.

Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita might be the biggest prima donna in Congress. Check out the grueling 8-page instruction list his office gives out to his drivers. “A successful day begins in advance. If you cannot answer ALL of these questions, you are not prepared for the day.”

Make it three presidential commissions that have now quit because the president won't convincingly denounce racists. Keep it coming.

Good weather for your weekend! Bad traffic, though. Get on your damn bicycle for once.