FUN FACT! Theyre related.
FUN FACT! They're related.

Via Metro:

Game of Thrones is currently the most popular show on television. But while fans are eagerly anticipating the finale of its seventh season, and each episode is watched by over 30 million people, George R.R. Martin isn’t among them. That’s because, despite creating the books upon which they’re based, the author does not watch the hugely popular series. The 68-year-old insists he just doesn’t have the time because of writing and "touring."

Via Twitter:

A Dance with Dragons, the most recent book in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, came out in July of 2011. That book ended with a cliffhanger that was resolved by Game of Thrones, 14 episodes ago, in May of 2016. Martin's next book in the series, The Winds of Winter, has no release date, might never have a release date, and is now a joke in utterly unrelated entertainments.

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