He doesnt understand eclipse viewing safety. But it goes well beyond that.
He doesn't understand eclipse viewing safety. But it goes well beyond that. bruev / Getty

He does not understand how public policy or congressional procedure work. This explains why he's threatening to shut down the government if Congress doesn't come up with the cash for his quixotic border wall. Because it worked so well for his health care plan? Get this guy a juice box or something.

He does not understand how foreign policy or diplomacy works. This is why he got in trouble with Pakistan today when the country's National Security Council issued a statement in response to the "president's" claim in his speech on Monday that that Pakistan is a safe space for terrorist groups. Here's some of that statement:

"The (National Security) Committee outrightly rejected the specific allegations and insinuations made against Pakistan. To scapegoat Pakistan will not help in stabilizing Afghanistan. In fact, being its immediate neighbor, Pakistan has an abiding interest in peace and stability in Afghanistan."

This is why you don't get your own "alternative facts," bro!

He does not understand national parks. Remember when he went after the national parks? Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says he's recommending none of those under review be eliminated.

As a manager, he apparently doesn't understand how to avoid turnover. For those keeping score at home, another Trump communications staffer is out.

There are so many more things Donald Trump doesn't understand, but I think writing this post actually made me dumber, so let's leave it at that.