Every summer, the NW Film Center's Top Down: Rooftop Cinema screenings are some of the most fun events in town, with films screening outdoors, on the roof of downtown's Hotel deLuxe parking garage.

This year's lineup has been my favorite out of all the years of Top Down: The Awful Truth, Shaft, Army of Darkness, and This Is Spinal Tap have all played, leading up to this week's grand finale. Prepare yourselves, because this week, the NW Film Center is screening Spring Breakers.

AND LUCKY YOU: Today we're giving away a pair of tickets to Spring Breakers, screening this Thursday, August 31!

Fucking Spring Breakers, man. I don't even know what to say about Spring Breakers. What can you say about Spring Breakers, other than it's goddamn great, and probably, weirdly, will end up being one of the defining movies of the decade, and... and... spring break. Spring breeeaaaaaaaak. Spring breeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaak foreeevvverrrrr.

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