America—and especially Portland—loves the Mercury’s weekly I, Anonymous column and blog in which anonymous people (like YOU) spill your guts and reveal your most private thoughts, gripes, and confessions. And now we’re making this column even better by turning it into a live comedy show!

It’s the monthly I, Anonymous Show, hosted by recently elected “Portland’s Funniest Person” Caitlin Weyerhauser, and featuring actual (and absolutely insane) I, Anonymous submissions. Caitlin reads them aloud, and then discusses them hilariously and at length with a panel of super funny comedians!

Along with Caitlin, this month you can expect sharp, witty commentary from the verrrry funny Amanda Arnold, Alex Rios, and coming down all the way from Seattle, Tyler Schnupp!

That's THE I, ANONYMOUS SHOW! Wed Sept 6, 7:30 pm, Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK, $10 advance at!

Or if you're feeling extra lucky, try to WIN TWO TICKETS to tomorrow's I, Anonymous show below—but hurry, deadline for entry is 4 pm today!