GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! (Oops) there goes the dreams we used to say. (Oops) there goes the time we spent away. (Oops) there goes the love I had, but you cheated on me and that's for that now. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

The Eagle Creek fire grew to 48,000 acres this weekend, but the heavy rains are expected to calm down matters significantly—though not completely.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (BOOOOOOO!) will be visiting Portland Tuesday to talk with law enforcement about a number of his evil schemes. I'm sure he can expect a very warm Portland welcome.

A prisoner is the fifth man to die "unexpectedly" this year at the Twin Rivers Correctional Institution—an investigation is underway.

While our beloved Diego Valeri set a new record, the Timbers fell to Real Salt Lake this weekend. Check out the recap from our footy correspondent, Abe Asher!

White House lawyers reportedly got into a slap fight over how much they should cooperate with Robert Mueller's Trump/Russia investigation.

But the story behind this story is great—because the bickering White House lawyers made the poor choice of doing it in public... at a restaurant... right next to the New York Times Washington bureau.

Trump is speaking before the UN General Assembly this week (hoo boy) to inspire the world to get behind sanctions for North Korea's missile program.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is recommending that the Trump administration modify at least 10 national monuments, which include shrinking the boundaries of four of them.

The Washington Post spots a troubling trend: "Trump-owned hotels and clubs have long made money by holding galas and other special events. Now, their clientele is changing. Trump’s properties are attracting new customers who want something from him or his government."

Trump's pretty mad at Hillary Clinton for her new memoir What Happened, but deals with it in a mature way by retweeting a meme of him hitting her with a golf ball.

Riots erupted in St. Louis last night as 80 protesters were arrested for demonstrating against a white cop who was acquitted for killing a Black man.

Insurance companies may be partially to blame for the nation's opioid crisis, because they limited access to drugs that were less addictive.

And here we go again, as Hurricane Maria is on a collision course with the Caribbean islands.

Oh, and don't forget that the world is going to end (again) this Saturday, September 23. NBD.

Last night's Emmys actually got a few things right: Awarding deserving shows, including lots of diversity, and wait... umm... rebranding Sean Spicer? OH HELL NO.

Okay let's look at the WEATH... HEY, IT'S RAINING!!: Hey, it's raining! Showers and cool weather in the low to mid 60s through Thursday.

And finally, here's Sean Spicer rolling into the Emmys to compare crowd sizes. (I dunno... what do you think? Too soon? Yeah, like way too soon.)