(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Northern California is on fire, and it's bad. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, at least 11 people are dead, and hotels and trailer parks are going up in flames, in "one of the most destructive fire emergencies in the state’s history."

(BTW: The Oregonian chartered a helicopter ride to survey the charred remains left by the Eagle Creek Fire. Here's what it looks like. )

Now the Trump Administration is going to repeal Barack Obama's signature climate change policy, the Clean Power Plan, a move that will allow power plants to stick with coal rather than being forced to pursue more environmentally responsible options. It's cartoonish, and may well make it impossible for the US to meet its Paris climate agreement obligations.

In a long-previewed project that had Mayor Ted Wheeler's office bracing for impact last week, KGW dropped a months-long report on the city's homeless population yesterday ("Tent City USA" might be a touuuch hyperbolic, guys). Among the more interesting points are a survey of 100 houseless campers (most aren't new to town), and a survey measuring attitudes of Portlanders (they're sick of the problem).

Also: The Oregonian ran a lengthy summation of the city's current struggle with homelessness on Sunday.

The Trib has lots more information about a $1.7 billion bond proposal TriMet is cooking up. The transit agency most wants to create a new MAX line through southwest Portland, but its polling shows most people just want to throw money at traffic congestion projects.

Depressing and terrible: An allegedly drunk driver with a history of DUII arrests crashes head on into a car containing a young mother and her four children. All five died. Also: This (allegedly) drunk driver in Gresham who apparently told police he was trying to race a stranger when he crashed and killed a cyclist. Stop it.

If you care about college football (like Mercury News Reporter Doug Brown), you might care that Oregon State's head football coach, Gary Andersen, has been bounced after not performing well in just over two seasons. (There are a lot of parallels here between Andersen and Jim Harbaugh, the University of Michigan coach whom Doug slavishly worships, but who hilariously can't figure out how to beat the Michigan State Spartans at home).

Speaking of Michigan State, ESPN personality and all-around badass Jemele Hill is a proud alum. That's just one reason why it's infuriating ESPN has now suspended Hill for telling the truth on Twitter.

Washington's pot industry is sapping a LOT of juice, Crosscut reports. Who could have predicted that?